The soul’s source of rest in times of test,
The soothing syrup that calms the soul’s nerves,
Keys and strings, voices and melody, coming together to piece the heart together.
Telling the story of the heart, resounding with the spirit.
Influencing thoughts and actions alike,
Taking the soul apart and mending it again with lyrics.

Music reaches to the deepest part of the soul and spirit,
It has a powerful influence that goes beyond lyrics and melody,
It works for good or bad, based on the spirit behind it,
Music speaks the words on your heart when broken, sad, joyful or just plain bored.
The human mind has a wonderful way of processing music,
Stirring up emotions and healing sore hearts in a special way.


Even the trees sway at the sound of music,
The gallant cries and melodies; the birds make in their flight,
The gentle whistling of the leaves, in response to the music of nature,
Music is synonymous with nature, not only the mature know it,
Even babies enjoy it and are rocked gently to sleep with the right music…
The kind of music influences the kind of actions the listener portrays,
Whether he goes crazy and kills or sobers up and heals,
whether he’s inspired to go higher or is depressed to sink lower,
whether he’s driven to love or driven to lust,
whether he progresses in life or digresses from his purpose;
Its all in the power of music.
Choose your music wisely and let your soul reap positive benefits,
For you can’t afford to rip your soul apart just because you chose the wrong music.

Mimispassion © 2016
Image credits: Google images

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  1. awwww…I love this..Thanks Enam for this great piece..God bless you so much
    I will choose the right music from now onwards

  2. Music that glorifies God attracts the presence and attention of God, to listen to our demands and recommendations in life. We must watch the type music’s we listen so as not to drive his presence away. Well said Mimi. Keep them coming.

  3. great piece. music is a very powerful tool hence is can heal or kill. we ought to discern ways we can use it rightly.

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