Musings of a success addict


You plague me like a disease;

your fragrance does things to me,

Sometimes making me sick;

other times making me confused,

You have a way of infiltrating my mind and taking over,

Leading me through the valley of deep thinking which sometimes ends up in the lows of worry;

You drive people away from me and bring others close to me yet,

Should it always be this difficult trying to be you?

Sometimes I let others define you because you always show me different colors;

Like a chameleon, I keep changing to adjust to your whims;

Sometimes I’m pumped with energy, the perfect hero, other times I’m down to zero;

Your ups and downs leave me confused, my head spinning like I been on a roller coaster;

Tell me, is it a crime to desire you, to get to be you?

How much do I have to endure till I become you?

Should it always be so difficult trying to be you?

I used to love myself until you came into the picture;

I spend every waking moment visualizing and fantasizing about how it’ll feel like being you;

So much so that everyone else ceases to exist;

You’ve robbed me of my joy on several occasions;

Yet other occasions you’re the source of my motivation;

I wish everyone would know that you’re the one who makes me behave the way I do;

That you push and shove me around, leaving me at the mercy of your moods and requirements;

Should it always be this difficult trying to be you?

How I wish you had one definition;

How I wish I didn’t have to define what you meant to me,

How I wish I knew whether or not I could be you,

How I wish you would just allow everyone to be you,

How I wish you didn’t require extraordinary just to be like you,

How I wish you stopped plaguing me every day;

How I wish I could do away with you just for a little sanity;

Does it always have to be this difficult being you?

Does it always have to be this difficult being successful?

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  1. Hmm…I think I know a friend of his. This friend has conquered his entirety. In fact, he’s got his hand on this witty fox of all men’s hustle. Catch his friend and you’ve mastered him. His friend’s name is Jesus.

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