Musings – of Success and Faithfulness

I want to be successful;

With my name etched in the books of history;

Monuments, both living and inanimate in my name;

A memory that provokes more than just a warm feeling;

One instead, that provokes action to a better self.

My thirst for success can consume me most times;

Sometimes ignoring humans – neighbors, colleagues, family, etc.

Sometimes doing that actually makes me feel like I’m on track,

You know, makes me feel like the serious one:

Staying up late to ‘work’ and make strides definitely feels good.

But I do want to be very successful,

And true to myself, I’ve defined that,

but not in millions or assets per se.

So when I seem too busy to attend to that success, I feel someway,

When I ignore the calls of that young girl I’ve prayed God helps me crack,

Just when she starts reaching out and I’m reaching in,

I wonder if I really want to be successful.

You see I define my success as influencing my circles for Christ,

Speaking into lives: encouraging excellence in all and sundry.

So I wonder if I’m actually pursuing that when I leave people to hang dry.

But I have a solution for that – lose myself in books, podcasts and sermons,

Unfortunately, that’s not always enough because my super self awareness steps in;

Reminding me that perhaps I need to be faithful, not successful?

And it has a convincing argument,

That being successful is either determined by me or others,

That success usually is measured in some strides: wealth, millions, money.

Suggesting that maybe being faithful instead is a better option,

Seeing that my commitment always seems to wane along the way.

Why not consider being faithful to every and any little thing in your care?

Perhaps being faithful in communicating and caring for the 10 people in my life,

will yield much more than trying to handle 100 people.

Looking back at scripture, I note that faithfulness may be the way;

It’s what counted for Abraham, Isaac, David, Jesus, Paul, Peter, you name it.

I see that they were faithful in each little they were given,

Which resulted in a peace filled life,

regardless of their circumstances.

Some of that peace can go a long way for me for sure,

So I choose to look at eternity and consider faithfulness today.

What will you do?

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