My Legitimate FEAR

!I am certain some people would have judged me already after they read the title
Cuz I’m supposed to know better right
That God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind
Well at least hold on a lil longer,just hear me out


The fear I speak of is not the fear of the devil and his cohorts
I mean he doesn’t even deserve my time
The fear I speak of is the fear of titles and boxes
Titles have become so commonplace in the kingdom of God,that people would rather be known by titles
Rather than the Christian God made them to be by accepting them as His children
Mama,Papa,Archbishop,Prophet,”man of God” ,the list continues
People put up acts just to gain these titles and names
And oh when they get it,they live rigorously by it
You’ll be surprised how a servant of God can get pissed off just because one of the titles in his “Apostle,Dr,Rev” is omitted
They take the podium and remind the congregation that they have those titles


Usually those who strive for these titles end up living to please people
They speak the loudest tongues ,sweating as though the pacific ocean just broke on them
Forgetting that “if you speak with the tongues of angels and yet don’t love,you’re like a clanging cymbal”
They also seem to forget that not all who mention the name of Christ are His own
Fortunately or unfortunately ,Christ sees through all their acts cuz He knows their hearts
I honestly don’t see why you’ll want the praises of men so much so as not to bear the fruit you’re supposed to
Don’t get me wrong,am not against you respecting or honoring the servants of God
But merely adding a title to someone’s name when you don’t follow what they share with you is pointless
Honor God for the lives of the people He uses to minister to you,don’t let them fall away because of your sometimes half hearted honor
I guess those who judged me when they read my title now see where I’m coming from


Then to the boxes
Another phase of my legitimate fear is the boxes
The boxes that people fit you into just because you have achieved a certain height or feat in your life
People place you into boxes so much so that you even feel guilty when you’re doing the right thing
For the mere fact that you don’t want to “go out” when everyone else around you is doing so,makes you the ‘pious ‘ one
You’re always expected to fit into the boxes others have for you
The moment you veer out of the box,you become an outlaw or a ‘see body’ (my Ghanaian readers understand ;))
The whole world may be going towards the left path, that doesn’t make it the right path
A rhyme I learnt in nursery goes like this
” Fox,fox,go into the box
Because I’m too big….”
God has made me to fit into His plan and not man’s box
God is so big,He can’t fit into anyone’s box the same reason for which I can’t fit into anyone’s box
I fear fitting into the box of men,so I usually rebel against their usual mindsets
And I would advice you to do same if you value your relationship with God
In the end,its the purpose of God which you lived that counts
The only number of years that count in your life is the number of years you lived your purpose
You might end up living amiss just because you chose to remain in the box people fit you into
Don’t be afraid to break out and live God
Fear the tongue of men,know that by far,only God usually means what He says
So depend on Him


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  1. you’ve spoken the outright truth Mimi. It’s sad how the world we living in today is full of self-centered people in high places who only think of them selves, fame and the praises of men rather than God. i hope this piece help’s ward off such thoughts from their mind’s and bring back the God fearing factor.

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