My Story

My story is one of hope and love and grace. How God turned around my life: replacing naivety with knowledge and depths of wisdom. Healing my depressed and inferior self by showing me His love through mere humans.

When I take my first year diary, the story was all doom and gloom. I kept falling and recovering, twas stories of regret and shame, with a consistency of negativity that now blows my mind. Try as much as I did, the positivity refused to be consistent. I laughed and made friends but dreaded being alone: those times threw me into a state of depression and delusion, thinking that I’m worth nothing to anyone, after all, brilliant as I was, I was still lagging behind in my academics. That hurt more than a dagger thrust into my heart; knowing my academic history, my present history was way below standard.

Fast forward to second year, things started picking up. I met people who pointed me in the right direction, though I was lazy at picking up the pace of growing up, I did the best I could humanly do. My second year brought much more hope in life: academics wise et al.

Third year was the beginning of the blessed phases of my life: my diary now contained dreams of the great future shown me by God. I had a book that contained several prophecies and personal teachings God taught me as I studied my bible. I could now pray on my own, I met great people who influenced my creativity, I discovered this precious gift of writing, and met some of the most important people in my life yet. These friends began influencing me in various ways towards greatness, I was no longer depressed, God had shown me the road of purpose and I had started on it, there was no turning back now, I readily accepted challenges and challenged myself as well to become the best version of myself. As the word says that the latter glory is greater than the former, my final year was glorious and filled with much more testimonies and growth.

Looking at my fine self today, a graduate from a prestigious university in Ghana, I owe God everything, and I appreciate the family, friends, lecturers and course mates he brought my way. Indeed this is how far the Lord has brought me, and though I haven’t seen the entire picture of my super fun and glorious future yet, I know that God who took me from the ditch to place me on such a pedestal of glory would not abandon me here. Because he finishes all that He sets out to do.
To quote the lyrics of one of my favorite songs: if I told you my story, you would hear hope and never let go. I hope you’re encouraged to keep holding on to the one who never fails.
You can listen to my story by Big Daddy Weave here:My Story

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  1. Great stuff. You write very well. God is always with us, though we don’t see it. hhmm I pray you move on to conquer the world right after uni.

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