On the Fence

Life is full of decisions. The kind of decisions you make determines the kind of person you become. Whether you become smart, ignorant, expert, novice, rich or poor, all depends on the quality of your decisions as well as the timeliness of those decisions.  One decision has the potential of harming your entire life. It could make it better or leave it worse off than it already is.


Fortunately or unfortunately, indecision seems to rear its rather beautiful head more often that not. You can get so anxious about the likely aftermaths of a decision, so much so that you’ll rather sit on the fence instead of dance to the tune. You pretend as though the decision is the most difficult you’ve ever had to make in your entire life. The interesting thing, however, is that sitting on the fence in itself is also a choice. You just happen to be unaware that it is. Indecision and choosing to do nothing about a situation is actually a decision to ignore the situation. Fortunately too, beautiful indecision also  comes with its perks, rewards, and consequences.


Immediately you choose(yes choose) to sit on the fence because of fear, anxiety, lack of faith and what have you?  You’ve actually chosen to do nothing about the situation and in that moment you ‘ve left your fate to “Que sera sera“. Leaving things that will be to be. In inaudible words, you’re proclaiming that “I’m too afraid, anxious and depressed to make a decision that will change my life”. I’d rather “whatever will be, be”. And that my friend, is no way to live life. It’s not cool to just chicken out of every decision that seems to challenge your everyday thinking or living.

Indecision is much worse than an unsuccessful attempt.

Fernado de Rojas

Since making a decision or sitting on the fence are almost the same and one, won’t you rather take a stance?  To make that dreadful decision and live with the consequences no matter how difficult they prove to be? Certain decisions are what I’ll call real time: failure to make them at the right time leaves you vulnerable to a lot of happenings you wouldn’t be pleased with. Indecision in those kinds of situations has the potential of ruining your life perpetually.


The thing about fear is that it’s an illusion which only has as much power over you as you want it to. It’s all in your head, and once your mind decides to break free from all that keeps you oppressed, you’ll be freed to realize how much power you wield and how great your life could actually turn out to be. You might be intrigued to know that, being indecisive is actually cowardly. And I’m fully aware you’re no coward so let nothing stand in the way of your decision making.

Instead of feigning indifference and enjoying the freedom and view that comes with sitting on the fence, choose to be a person who makes decisions and faces the consequences for his decisions. You can’t make your own decisions and expect someone to face the consequences for you.  I really understand you when you say you ‘re too scared to make that important decision, I’ve been scared more times that I can count when it came to making life changing decisions. I’m still struggling to actually get off the fence,it’s by no means easy but is absolutely worth the try. it’s worth risking your comfort today to reap more comfort and peace of mind tomorrow.


So pick up the phone and call that friend now, it’s no use avoiding him with hopes that the tension will fade or wane by itself. Fyi, some bulls need to be held by the horn and pulled away before they budge. Commit to that relationship, stop running from all the glory that could happen. Things may have been bad in your past, but it doesn’t mean God isn’t willing to bring you joy again through your commitment to that relationship. Not all men would treat you like he did, so stop existing in your own world hoping that whatever will be will be. And you too, don’t assume that the lady will know your mind through your actions, she’s no mind reader. Be firm and take the step to say something. Even if you get bounced, you know you that at least you tried. Who knows, it could be the very story your boy will need to encourage him to chase his dreams even when they seem out of reach. The time to pursue that dream/career is now. There’s no guaranteed tomorrow to do that, stop dwelling on all your inadequacies. Just make the decision to go and with the right mindset you’ll realise that things are actually easier than they seem.


I hope you get my drift by now. I’m encouraging us(myself included) to shake off fear, anxiety and all the feelings of inadeqacies that prevent us from making decisons, allowing us to only sit on the fence and watch life happen to us. Instead of us happening to life. My bible says, ” you shall decree a thing and it shall be established“. Which is akin to  saying, whatever you decide to have in your life is exactly what you’ll have. Why not decide to exercise your decison making capabilities and see the difference it makes in your life. Choose to walk past the fence, no matter how inviting the fence seat looks. Keep walking and making the right decisions and I can assure you that your life would never be the same again.


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