A door opened slowly, out of curiosity I peeped in;

Skeletons of decisions and choices made stared back at me;

I could feel the iciness in the smiles they gave me;

Some of them were the worst decisions I had ever made;

Others reminded me of all the pleasant choices and experiences;

Why was I even peeping into this closet at all?

I know I put all these things behind me;

But looks like I didn’t bury them properly, as they’d come back to haunt me;

I promised to never mule over the lost opportunities;

The wrong moves, the unexpressed thoughts and opinions;

After all, they were gone now, all I could grasp were wisps of smoke,

Yet I keep returning to that dreadful closet;

Something about it just keeps drawing me back to it,

It’s as though the darkness hovering over it keeps beckoning to me;

Totally irresistible like seeing my favorite food during a fast;

Every time I try to walk away, yet I always look back and end up peeping;

Considering the unexplored options of opportunities lost;

Yet drawing no lessons,

Just indulging memories for their sakes;

Gloating in the victory, shrinking at the defeats.

I’m I not one confused person?

Can I not just decide to move on and truly do just that?

Do I still need to be holding on to the past?

What I’m I supposed to be doing with the present?

Would I even meet the future..??

The past is a door closed but has a way of evaporating back into the present,

Keep an eye out for the past,

Not to indulge it when it cries for attention,

Focus on the present and make decisions you’re entirely convinced about,

Let the present count,

Don’t let the past taunt or haunt,

Let the future breathe, in the fragrance of the words you use to create,

Don’t give in to the past and fret,

Don’t look back too much with regret,

It’s gone, all the light that could have shone,

Use today to build the light that shines tomorrow,

Kiss the past goodbye,

Break up without intentions of reconnecting.


Mimispassion © 2016

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