Wrong pattern, please try again……

Wrong pattern, please try again……..

Ah, this phone too

It’s getting me frustrated

I really need to access this device

For smartphone users, this is a probable experience

You set a pattern yourself and yet can’t seem to remember it


How often as a Christian do you end up like this

Follow the pattern of the world as though it was your own

Forgetting that your pattern is and can’t be of this world

You  wait till you get to the point of urgent need

Where it’s a do or die affair

Either you get in or remain outside

After trying all the familiar patterns

The cheating patterns in the exam hall

The deception patterns in that relationship

The unforgiveness pattern with that offender

The “love = sex” lie in that courtship

The proud and arrogant pattern in that leadership position


Now you’re stuck outside

You forgot you were a Christian

But then suddenly, you remember and come to seek help

Unfortunately, you get bounced because your patterns are wrong

You’ve tried all the combinations to no avail

In case you forgot, the pattern here is Christ

The pattern is love

The pattern is patience

The pattern is humility

The pattern is forgiveness

Have you tried these combinations???

If you haven’t then do try them

For  you’re allowed to boldly come before the throne of grace to obtain mercy and receive grace in times of need


But without the seed: the word that grows and develops, there’s zero chance of knowing that right

Just like knowing you can access your phone through your mail when you get locked out

And then you just realized you forgot the password too….

Whew, you’re so roasted now huh?

As a Christian, you can’t forget the word, it’s your sword to prevent the wound

Allow yourself to be transformed by the renewal of your mind through the word

Enough of the infiltration of the world

Follow the patterns in Christ, He is the word, the way and the life

Follow the patterns of the world and there’s sure death, follow the patterns in Christ and there’s sure life


Maybe you’re currently locked out

Your Christianity has died out

There’s still a sure remedy, it’s not an incurable malady

Get a few doses of the word, stay in the ward and allow the doctor to inject you with still more of the word

You may feel well and ready to bounce back after a while, but wait till the doctor allows you to

For that is the only way: after you have stayed, you can’t get swayed

The world can now receive your fire and be saved

When you change your patterns, you become a lantern

Shining forth your light in the darkness and bringing life to the lifeless

Healing the world for Christ

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  1. I really enjoy reading your writings. They have catchy captions and they are straight to the point. Easy to read and it address very important present day issues. keep it up, God bless you with more wisdom 🙂

  2. great piece my dear, the patterns of our lives must correspond with the patterns of the word and of God #keepitcoming

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