No one is perfect

Miles away you only see the glory;

Taste the sugar as sweet as honey;

Experience the wind as a friendly breeze;

Look at the sun dreamily;

Until you get close,

And realize that not all green looking leaves are always healthy;

That even the pot made by the master potter can crack;

Before you get to really know someone, you almost think they can’t be flawed;

Think their experience, exposure and knowledge means they are perfect.

A conversation or two in, you realize things aren’t as smooth as you thought;

A night or two spent together and you notice little perks and breakages;

A lifetime together and the disappointments roll in daily like your breath.

Humans are imperfect like that;

Yeah, even the most disciplined, knowledgeable and well put together ones;

No one is perfect, even though you think they are Christians and should know better;

Even though you think they should know better considering they’ve been in your shoes before;

I always forget that we are infinitely imperfect;

Always forget that regardless of where a person has been or what they’ve gone through, they might not know better;

That no one person, friend, enemy, colleague, family or pastor will ever know it all;

And until you make room for adjustments and delayed judgements, disappointments will always be your intimate friends.

Perfect or imperfect, they are still our friends, colleagues, family;

Allow people room to grow and develop;

Without locking them in your chamber of ‘you should have known’

A reminder to me and you, that humans, as diverse as we are are imperfect;

Drink some water on that and let it sink deep down;

You’ll relate better hopefully;

Hopefully because the imperfect you can easily forget the imperfections of others.

All Rights Reserved. Mimi’s Passion ©️ 2019

Image Credit: Flickr – Steve Strawn


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