Six Sure Ways to Rapid Personal Growth

Personal growth in all facets of life is a sign of maturity.  Becoming the best you there is possible requires a great deal of commitment from your end. It’s an investment you make into your own life which brings results beyond your own life. A mature person is the one who recognises they need to grow and goes for it!

There are several ways to pursue personal growth and it most definitely isn’t hinged on only attending events or networking. For the purposes of this writeup, I’ll define personal growth as this: becoming the best you there is possible. You can commit to little actions daily that will result in magnificent results for you. If need be, you can get accountability partners to support you on your growth journey.

personal growth takes time. Don’t rush it

Be unconsciously conscious

What do you feed yourself when you’re mindless? I’m talking those times you’re washing, doing chores or just scrolling through a feed on social media. Do you ever pay attention to what is happening whilst you’re not consciously sifting through thoughts? The kind of things your subconscious picks up when you’re engaged in mindless activity can effectively determine the quality of your life.

When I’m doing chores, those are the times I play sermons, podcasts, lessons, etc. This is because I realise that some of the things I hear stick with me much longer than when I intentionally commit them to memory. Because I’m doing chores whose motions my system is used to, I’m able to pause and actually properly consider what I hear.  To grow, make it a habit to create atmospheres for learning even if you’re just mindlessly doing chores.

 To grow, make it a habit to create atmospheres for learning even if you’re just mindlessly doing chores.

Seek counsel and apply it

For most people, they acknowledge the importance of seeking the advice of people who’ve gone ahead. Mentoring and coaching are essentials to personal growth. However, without your commitment to actually practice what you’ve learned, no change will happen. You shouldn’t only make it a point to seek advice or hear other perspectives. Create immediate opportunities to use the counsel you’ve received.

This can be as simple as stopping in the middle of that book you’re reading to carry out the reflection activity provided. Or it could be you whipping out your notebook, pen or phone to jot down ideas and immediately craft action plans. Don’t wait a day more to practice what you seek advice for. The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one. Stop waiting for the right time to apply what you learn. Once you set the action plan in motion with the least possible iteration of the plan, you realise that your subconscious keeps reminding you of what you need to do.

Don’t just seek advice or hear other perspectives. Create immediate opportunities to use the counsel you’ve received.

Develop a solution mindset

Being problem minded is very easy. It’s as easy as complaining, bickering or crying over a situation. Instead of taking time off to consider the root causes and how it can be corrected. Becoming someone who is solution minded is an intentional activity. The intentionality starts from what you decide to feed yourself, the kind of company you keep and the things that catch your attention.

Start with the small things you have control over. Decide to cook your lunch and pack it to work instead of complaining about no proper food in your work area. Google the challenges you’re facing before going blabbering to your boss about a problem that has no solution. Try to find a workaround whatever it is. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Eventually, the little habits of solving minute problems grows into a mindset of possibilities.

What one thing can you change your mind about today? Start from there.

Share what you learn

Hoarding never brought anyone more than they already have. The good book says “it’s more blessed to give than to receive”. By extension, it’s more blessed to share your knowledge than to hoard. It’s natural to be afraid of being wrong or sounding too learned or whatever other fear you entertain about sharing what you learn. But the truth is that the more you share, the more you learn actually. Because most of the times you end up opening up conversations people may never have had and you leave with additional information.

Maturing steadily over time means you are going to learn, unlearn and relearn. Sharing what you’re learning with others helps you synthesize some of the information and at the same time help another person become more aware. You can share through blog, videos, images, on your status, etc. When you share what you’re learning with the people around you, you don’t end up at the top all alone.

Sharing is caring. Share what you learn with others to show you care – both about yourself and the people you hang out with.

Develop self awareness

Self awareness is your ability to know when you’re being a jerk and when you’re being your best. You’re conscious enough of your strengths and weaknesses and you learn to take responsibility for your actions, words, emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Becoming more self aware takes a lot of work and brutal honesty. You’ll need to be able to detach yourself emotionally when investigating your life. And that can usually be very difficult. However, it’s worth trying and worth the effort. It helps you take charge over the direction your life is going and make drastic changes when necessary.

A few ideas to develop this all important trait are:

  1. Taking a walk
  2. Journaling
  3. Reaching out for feedback from others
  4. Being mindful at all times
  5. Listening more than talking
  6. Noticing your emotional triggers
  7. Setting personal and interpersonal boundaries
  8. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses

There are a ton of quizzes out there to help you gauge how self aware you are. But I took this from Quizony and Proprofs and they were pretty useful.

Self awareness: The recognition of your responsibility in creating your reality. - Caroline Nderitu Click To Tweet

Develop personalised routines

My friend Eldad once said  ‘everyone has selfish plans for you, you benefit when your own selfish plans fit into theirs’. And over time, I’ve found this to be very true. Your personal growth and development are completely your own responsibility. There may be other people who seem like they want to help, but ultimately only you can really help you.

Having your own routines, created from your own experiences and exposure will help you steadily grow. What you do when you wake up, before you sleep, before you start work, whilst you work, etc all have a bearing on how fast or slow you develop. Create a routine that works for you and allows you time to do all the things mentioned above. That way, you control the rate at which you increase and mature.

You can decide to use apps or plain old notebook and pen to organise yourself. Make sure every important thing to you is captured in your schedule. Do what fits you, even if you want to copy from someone else. Be the artist who knows how to steal properly and yet have a custom feel to their work!

You have the power to determine whether you grow or not. Use that power and influence yourself into becoming the best and most mature person you could ever become.

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