Piece of cake

The curse of knowledge is a plague that beguiles every knowledgeable person at one time or the other. We are all tempted in one way or the other to flaunt our knowledge and get some small “fans” for it, i mean who doesn’t like some respect based on their knowledge. Unfortunately for most people, we so easily forget that whatever it is we’re claiming and enjoying the “fans” for, wasn’t something we were born knowing. Yeah, no doubt about your wit and smartness, but you weren’t born knowing all the things you do now. It took you time to learn and perhaps imbibe and practice what you learnt. Why then can’t you be a bit considerate towards the people who are now learning?? Why mock and laugh and treat them as thought they’re the daftest people you’ve come across?

Once we know something, it’s hard to imagine what it was like not to know it.


No one is perfect, we all need time to learn, absorb and practice the things we learn. Some people would pick up faster than others but that doesn’t make them better than those who take time before grasping concepts or ideas. Everything can be a piece of  cake, it just needs time and patience. So for that choirmaster constantly screaming at that particular lady just because her timing is awful; remember your own days when you were struggling. For the dance tutors, and all other teachers, parents and friends, remember that it takes time for one to truly master any particular thing in this world. Be patient and nice to those who are still learning, you never know how far your patience could help them go, especially with regards to being confident in the new field they find themselves. Never forget that you’ve been a novice before. Give others the chance to grow and learn without any feelings of intimidation.



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