My mind went back to those days
The days when we were pretty young and clueless
We used to race each other,so doggedly as though there was a prize
Looking back ,its silly how we could run so determinedly for no prize
In the present,I realised that those useless races still hold
Many of us still run these races,just in different forms

There is so much untapped potential in various individuals
Just because we choose to compete with others instead of ourselves
So long as your grades are better than that guy,you relax
So long as you’re part of the average students in class, its alright
What happened to striving to bring out your best??
What happened to making a difference just for your own sake
Just to utilize every potential hidden within

The real competition is with yourself
Competing with others is a race with no rewards
Look within,identify your potential and work with it
Don’t compete with others for your boss’s favor in that workplace
Just put in your best and do all you can
Don’t just relax because everyone else is elated to be average 
Push yourself to be the best unlike the rest

There is a race we all need to run
That race is purpose
That which you were manufactured for
For which you were designed and put together
A mobile phone functions as a communication device
It has no business comparing itself to a rice cooker: they both have different purposes
Maybe you haven’t found out what you were designed for
I employ you to put all your efforts into discovering it
Without it,you never would be fulfilled ,you’d keep chasing the wind

To quote one of my all time favorite preachers, Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory
“When the purpose of a thing isn’t known,abuse is inevitable”
If you were manufactured to be a fan,cooling people
But you end up becoming a rice cooker heating people
Your purpose is lost and your life would be majorly devoid of fulfilment
If there’s any race you want to run,let it be that of purpose
That which defines your true worth to the world
Which makes you the unique person that you are

As you make your goals and plans for the years ahead
Let them thrive on purpose
Let the foundation of your pursuits and plans be purpose
Let your race be defined as
R – Running to
A – Accomplish your
C – Calling with
E – Enthusiasm

The race of life

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  1. its sometimes funny how people think survival in this world is purely competition, but i see this world to be a place for the thriving of in depth talent. Talents of good aim, Godly and pure of any harm to our society. So if one builds upon his strength and weaknesses this world will eventually become a safe place to live. Well said Mina, Another breath taking piece #keepitcoming

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