Life doesn’t always go according to plan;

At times your expectations disappoint;

At other times, expectations usher you into wonderful experiences;

All in all, life isn’t always a straight path;

There are so many meanders and curves;

Which make you lose touch with yourself;

Lose touch with the drive and inspiration that keep you going;

What do you do when that happens?

Give up and let go?

Stay and fight for what you love and believe?

Regroup and use another strategy to stay on course?

Nothing comes without perseverance;

For children to learn how to walk, it takes perseverance;

So why would you give up the fight just because you hit rock bottom more often than not?

Isn’t there anything in you that wants things to work?

How deep seated is your drive and ambition?

No matter what life brings along, have the mindset of a conqueror,

Don’t give up without a fight;

For all you know, your opponent is more scared of you than you are;

Depression and discouragement stand no chance against a determined mind;

Reconnect to the nodes that rejuvenate your cells into action;

Pick up that manuscript and read through again;

Look for that journal that contains your dreams and remind yourself of where you’re going;

Don’t allow the temporal loss of touch with your dreams become a permanent one;

Have a backup plan for recharging from the word go;

Never let a dull moment overstay it’s welcome;

Show it the way out when it tries to be an overbearing guest;

Make life proud of you by facing it’s challenges square on;

When life throws you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it;

When life fits you into a square hole when you’re round; prove your versatility;

Immediately adapt and produce results; 

There’s no room for “dulling’, stop looking for favors from people to rejuvenate you;

People aren’t usually dependent, they let you down when you need them most;

Stand for yourself and learn to recharge when you need to…


Mimispassion © 2016

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