Reverse Flash

Every individual on earth has had an upbringing of sorts. Be it from parents, friends, lecturers, teachers, neighbors etc. I personally see upbringing as imparting a certain ideology into an individual. Usually, you find that the people with good upbringing apparently have the ideology well embedded in them as compared to those who are thought of as not having a good upbringing. It’s not a hidden fact that upbringing doesn’t quite cut it, people get tired of being a particular way and just need a break and a change.


However, change or being different isn’t something that is easily accepted. It’s a normal thing to be afraid of change: afraid of what will happen when change is accepted. Truth be told, life is a constant game of change, you fail to change, you set yourself up for stunted growth– if any at all. My lecturer ever made a very interesting statement thus, “The only constant in life is change”. As off as this may sound, it’s actually the truth, even if you decide not to effect change mentally and psychologically, your own body is an evidence of the change you’ve gone through and are going through. If you’re reading this, it means you’ve metamorphosed. Because obviously, you weren’t born able to read this and understand, yet you can do both these things now.


It’s important to have a mindset that lauds growth over stagnancy. And that means having a mind unafraid of change, it means being brave enough to stomach the consequences that might come along with the change. It means being able to look your dad in the eye and make him understand what your passion is; it means being responsible enough to accept that child as your own; it means trusting God to place you where He wants to even though it’d mean you’ll let go of the reins, it means being willing to keep that child and work your ass off to cater for him, it means deciding to follow your dream instead of that of others, it means learning to stand up for yourself when being bullied, it means being ready to work that job until you excel at it, no matter how horrible your working conditions are.

Change means you’re ready and willing to grow. Loving change is being adaptive: it is having a mind that chooses the greater good over the temporary pleasure.


When things get messy, we rearrange them. That’s the same way, as human, you always should be able to reorient your mind. Be able to realize it when the junk and  mess need cleaning up and work on it.

I’m very much aware of the fears that come along with change; sometimes you’ll lose family, friends and loved ones.

At times you’ll lose the privileges you were used to, lose the freedom you had. But the truth still remains that if you want to grow, there must be a place in your mind that accepts change and works with it. Don’t be too scared of change, it’s actually more of a good friend than a bad influence.


However, note that before you decide to effect a change, you have weighed the two sides of the coin and you’re very sure that change would do more good than harm. Don’t just change because you want to become rebellious or prove a point.

We’ve all being born with a purpose, hence let whatever change it is you allow, be a change that ultimately leads you to the fulfillment of that purpose.

I have had to change from sleeping too much to staying  awake more to get things done. I have changed from wasting too much time on social media and movies to reading and watching things that build me up. I have had to drop certain people in my life in order to strive towards purpose. I’ve had to ignore loved ones for a while because it was necessary for my growth. Change, thus growth comes with sacrifice, and yet the sacrifice usually comes with a reward that counts.thus growth comes with sacrifice, and yet the sacrifice usually comes with a reward that counts.


The world out there doesn’t celebrate losers. And by losers, I mean those living life without purpose.

When you live a life of purpose, the world celebrates you consciously or unconsciously. Just bear in mind that the popular world changers we hear about are those who have ever embraced change and made the best out of it.


What would you like to change from? What is your purpose for that decision to invest in change? Let me know your thoughts on these issues. I love to hear from you.

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**And oh, about the title, sorry if I misled you. I just loved the concept of the reverse flash. It might actually have nothing to do with this post though. Lol:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:***

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