A word so powerful, and though it may not suffice,
It’s the core of love, hence life .
To live and to love is to sacrifice, they go hand in hand.
Sacrifice knows very well, that it mayn’t be reciprocated, yet it takes the risk.
To sacrifice is to be strong and to be human and divine.
Christ loved the world and sacrificed all He got for us,
He knew some people will reject the sacrifice and make light of it,
Yet He chose to come anyways, ready to face the consequences.


You see, sacrifice needs to be a part of daily living,
True altruism, that despises all forms of selfishness,
The world is dying and only a church and heart ready and wiling,
To sacrifice comfort and rights and privileges can save this dying world.


So take a moment to reflect, have you been selfless or selfish?
Have you taken all the time and energy of friends and family,
Without even bothering to give back?
If not to them, at least to the people around you who need it?
It takes a humble heart to truly sacrifice, learn humility and get humanity.
Make Sacrifice a word in the vocabulary of your daily life.

© mimispassion 16

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