I used to be free;
Like a bird living on a tree:
I said what I wanted, how I wanted it,
I laughed, cried and laughed some more,
Every day was just another day to smile and make others smile.

I used to be free;
But now it’s become an area so grey;
I’m so concerned about brands and perception;
I fail to let the words imprisoned in my troubled mind flow;
I focus so much on inspiring, I lose my own voice ;
So now I borrowed a certain entrepreneurial, writer blah, blah, blah, title laden voice ;
Speaking to supposedly change lives and transform destinies.

Freedom used to be cool;
But then I finally left school ;
The weight of a calling heavy on my heart;
The intensity and gravity of the message threatening to break my tongue;
The soundness of mind that hailed sleep and half-hearted reading now gravely disoriented,
I suffered a central nervous breakdown, one that demolished the free me:
Throwing cuffs over my previous mediocrity;
Paving a way of skillfulness and impact mindedness;
One which I embraced with alacrity and acuity.

Oh, I definitely used to be free:
Jumping, dancing and flying with glee;
But then life happened and I had to grow;
Now I am sucked in so deep with a passion to always glow:
Confusing me, leaving me disoriented and with no strength when things go slow;
I wish I could experience that freedom again, even if it plunges me low;
Because my sanity is often threatened by every day trying to be my best;
It’s like a test from which I can never fully rest!

Sometimes, you’ll encounter the insane me:
The one who has lost all passion and strength to encourage you.
Other times you’d meet the insane me,
The one who is striving to make the world better.
Whichever one you meet, whichever day you encounter her,
Just know that my sanity isn’t always how you or I perceive it to be,
So don’t hesitate in helping me give myself permission to be insane.

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