Every individual has a story and its a story that shapes the person. Be it a story they’re proud to share or otherwise,those stories make them who they are now. For a lot of people,they’ve had dark and messed up pasts, done things they wish they could undo , but unfortunately realise there’s no undo button. How easy life would have been if there actually was an undo button.


When bible says that a man in Christ is a new creation,it means a lot of things and has a lot of implications. Simply it implies that your identity is no longer rooted in your past and the evil/good you did. It implies you’ve received a new identity ,an identity of truth and victory ,an identity that makes you predisposed to obey God in spite of your feelings ,an identity that brings with it so much wonderful potential : potential to change the world and heal the souls of people you come into contact with. Are you willing to accept this identity and new reality?

Interestingly enough,most people who have had a tough past find it difficult to accept this new change. The old man with all its negatives still seem to be deeply engraved into their hearts and minds. They find it difficult to accept that they are now changed people, people who can actually aid in building the body of Christ if they would just accept it. Their past always seems to be stronger than they can imagine,showing up in places they don’t want it  to,rearing its ugly head right when they thought they were done with it.


Nevertheless there’s the need to constantly put the past off, completely let go of it,because the fact that its past means its gone. It shouldn’t have a say in your present or future. You can draw meaningful lessons from it but please let it go. Accept the potential you’ve received as a new born babe in Christ . You have a new life and fresh pages to write your story now, and you have the blood and life  of Christ to help you write this new script of your life. The script that is based on His word which has transforming ability in your mind.
Accepting is the first step,changing your thinking pattern is the next but you can’t just have head knowledge of who you are and not live it.
The new you is to be expressed for effect and not to be thought and talked about. The new life obtained in Christ is one which needs to be exhibited and expressed. Shown to the world so they can also know of this goodness.

Make the choice today to accept all God has said you are,begin to tune your mind in to His words and truth concerning you.
Go on and live out the life you need to be living  and let others find Christ through you.


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  1. you’ve said it all Mimi, there is nothing else to be add to this great piece. All one needs to knw about letting go of the past is in there. Keep it coming!

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