It kept coming and getting closer, I couldn’t live the lie anymore.
My shadow was catching up with me and there was nothing I could do to prevent the clash.
The game was over now, I needed to own up and let things take their natural course,
My shadow was fed up and longed to be just what it was, a shadow, but it wanted to shadow the real me.

I used to be afraid of living to my fullest potential, I didn’t like being in the shadows,
But being in the limelight didn’t mean it was actually the real me,
I was in the limelight all right, but I never was me.
I compared myself to others and measured myself according to their standards,
Never understood that we all were different people, created to make the world a diverse universe,
Couldn’t come to terms with the fact that, I wasn’t as eloquent or brave or confident as the other person was.
So I shadowed everyone else to cover my fears and flaws, but each day, I felt my soul groan within,
Longing to come out into the open, instead of being imprisoned and forced to shadow someone else.


So she screamed out her frustration one day, she vented her anger and my mind couldn’t stand it nor process it,
That was the moment it dawned on me that indeed my soul had suffered the imitation syndrome all this while, and longed to be free.
I brooded over her request with fear and apprehension, then the light of the word of God shone on my fears and dispelled them.
God called and sought me out, to be the special baby He’d called me to be: a royal priesthood and special person.
The shadows of people are no longer my habitation, I got a new adaptation now, I’ve adapted to shadowing Jesus, who is the author and finisher of my faith.
Soul rejoices and makes merry now, because she’s been liberated and allowed to be who she really is.
The shadows have now moved in line with the real person.

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