Silent Influence

Hey you,

Yes, you. I have an issue with you.

Why are you trying so hard to imitate her?

Why have you become so conscious of what she does as against what you should be doing for yourself?

You walk, talk and act like him, why?

What sense does it make for you to become another him, when only one him can exist?

Do you forget that your genes, chromosomes, cultural and societal influences, systems, likes and dislikes are distinct?

You can only be like him in entirety if you were born at the same second, liked the same food, grew up in the same house, brought up the same way, exposed to the same things, just to mention a few.

And you, why do you feel so lost?

Like there’s no reason for your make?

Thinking those inclinations to do the things you’re passionate about are fake?

Just because he/she/it isn’t doing same?

Why must your life match his?

You do realise his generation and yours are different right?

Why have you carved a path for yourself that’s so upright?

Following all he’s done and achieved nothing a lifetime

Would you still stay sane if you realise there were some dingy skeletons in his closet?

Can you continue moving on to a destination that’s customised for you if you realise he’s not the angel you thought him to be?

Idols, mentors, role models, should you become them?

Should you learn from them?

Should you walk in their footsteps or carve new ones for you?

What would the world benefit from two of the same people?

When one could have benefitted the world by being him or her.

If only he or she understood that he or she is unique, the world would have benefited greatly.

Hey you, you can’t do it?

Are you sure you can’t do this?

Is it just because no one has ever done it before?

Are you afraid that your background doesn’t allow you to do this?

Who says you are not somebody?

Somebody enough to do something that no one has ever ventured to do before?

Do you forget that all the people you now admire for their great works did it in spite of no one having ever done it?

Please wake up, please discover yourself, please discover your unique offerings.

Don’t rob yourself of the joy of creating and being a unique asset to the world.

Don’t rob the inhabitants of the joy of seeing and knowing different.

The world is yours to change, but you are allowed to create your own world.

Your own sphere of influence where your uniqueness would be immensely valued.

The goal isn’t in being celebrated the world over, the goal is in serving those that need your services.

They are the world that will celebrate you and then the global village would too.

So you, yes you, stop trying to be me.

Stop trying to be him or her.

Pick the important lessons from me or him or her.

But lean on God to carve your path for you.

Let Him direct, lead and inspire you.

Choose to be influenced, but choose to be intentionally influenced.

Keep your eye open, keep your heart active, so you can identify when you’re slipping away from being you to being me, him or her.

The world wouldn’t benefit from countless photocopies.

Our world would only benefit from originals without apology.

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      1. Hi Enam today is the only day I had enough time to tour your blog. I’m so proud of what I encoutred on my tour. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. It’s worth a lot. Thanks soo much Gorgeous. Keep it up. #silentinfluence #

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