Silver and Gold

…,”Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

Acts 3:6


I remember the days of old,
The days of pleasing God and not man.
The days where souls were an important part of Christianity.
Those days that the path treaded ,was one of constant risks ,to make great dividends and profits.
No thought was given to self ,which meant that pride,fear and being shy were not in the dictionary.


I read my bible and learn that the latter glory should be more than the former
And yet I look around and I can’t seem to see the glory at all,
Talk less of it being greater than the former .
We have become relaxed Christians ,choosing to keep up with the world than with the word ,God
Exhibiting Christ in lifestyle and speech is the privilege of only the few ‘pious’ ones.
Oh yea,that’s the tag you get when you decide to stick your neck out a lil for God
Ei ‘Chrife’ ,then my heart just breaks cuz if anything at all,such a name should come from unbelievers
But oh,the believers even use it for other believers more than anything

Because now in the name of using talents for God we bring in all sorts of practices from the world
The world’s system of administration and finances isn’t God’s system
The world staggers from economic crisis and children of God are believing this as their heritage
Oh that the eyes of our understanding may be opened to realise that we are of a heavenly faith economy
Where ravens can provide food and fish in the sea can bring us money to pay taxes
In the name of  ‘operation talents for the Lord’, it has now become okay to learn from the world and apply it in the church
Okay to fit our lyrics in their ‘beats’ to make ‘godly’ music
What happened to our creativity :the indwelling Holy Spirit who is creativity personified
Well perhaps because we want already baked stuff ,we don’t take the time to learn to bake ourselves
What an error we indulge in


When we meet as believers,there’s the need for each person to have a word of prophecy,a hymn or an instruction for the body of Christ
But what happens these days ?
When we meet as Christians,our discussion is about clothes,phones or the latest funniest whatsapp videos
The world has become so appealing,its easier to be a worldly Christian (which can’t happen) of course,
Cuz the world and Christ are separate entities,thus either you’re worldly or Christly,
There’s no middle grounds or compromise anywhere

Being a Christian is a real deal for real people
Its for people who are willing to stick out their necks for their savior
After all He died for them and brought them to become heirs with Him
No one is forcing you to be a Christian but God loves it that all men be saved
Being saved isn’t just a feeling,
Being saved is a state of constant triumph over sin,
A constant walk and talk of faith,holiness,righteousness and communion with God.
You can’t be saved and still delight in pleasing yourself,there’s a problem if that happens continually ,
Seek God sincerely just as you sought Him in accepting Christ as Lord and personal savior,
Seek Him and confess your sins to Him and let Him put you right back on track,
Because being a believer thus a child of God is more than a tag you wear around your neck ,
It is your identity,an identity that needs to be lived and shown to the world.


The time to make the difference is now
Its time to stop wishing and wanting and begin acting
Being triumphant as we heard our fathers were won’t come on a silver platter
It’ll take sacrifice to the extent of being carried in baskets( you remember Paul right)
Being fried in oil and all that
Simply put,to walk the ancient paths that brought so much difference to lives in those days
Is to live lives of sacrifice and love to God and mankind

Mimispassion © 2016
All image credits go to Grandpa Google:):)

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  1. ” Living lives of sacrifice and love to God and mankind ” love this concluding part, and it’s the utmost truth my dear. Keep it coming Mimi. Great piece though.

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