the storyteller

The best fiction writer could never imagine;
The most conscious planner could never foresee;
Even the world’s most famous match maker won’t match up;
You’re the storyteller from age to age;
Crafting unique and yet relatable stories every second in every day;
Giving  each story the perfect ending relevant for its day and time.

From seemingly random conversations, you plant incredible prophecies;
Mundane events and work take on a new meaning when your flair touches;
Strangers bond and transform into friends, family and life partners;
Children understand better the experiences of their parents;
You’re the storyteller that makes all the connections;
Linking the fitting and unfitting parts together to complete the puzzle.

A reviver of hope once lost;
Rekindling flames of lost loves and paths;
Teaching the sojourner the value of the journey with each stride;
Bootstrapping each lesson on the mistakes and successes of yesterday;
You’re the storyteller that stays;
Showing the essence of patience and hope in a fast and sometimes lost generation.

Ideas and ideals that form a pattern;
Leading the living to seek your unique handwriting and signature;
Surrounding them with love overwhelming that only points to you;
Breaking defences, repairing bridges and mending dishevelled hearts;
You’re the storyteller that creates;
Attracting all creation toward you for maximum effect;

And so you are;
The storyteller that never ages;
He who whose connections never break;
The storyteller that never leaves;
Binding molecules and atoms together;
Creating, fixing, building and restoring the greatest
stories the world has ever known!

All Rights Reserved. Mimi’s  Passion  2018
Photo by Lurm on Unsplash


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