Walking through the lush green lawns,
Watching the birds fly freely without any care,
The breeze was cool enough to calm a tsunami,
I began to appreciate the peace and serenity in the garden
How everything seemed to be calm and collected,
The peace bounced off to you and there’s no way you could avoid it,
Avoid letting the peace and serenity get to you.



Contrary to the peace and serenity these creatures of God seem to possess,
Life amongst the creatures who have the breath of the most high is so different,
So much chaos, misunderstanding, strife and what have you,
Humans who possess the spirit and breath of God rather seem unsettled,
Irrespective of the very nature of God being peace and serenity.
What happened to us??

Did our stroll with the almighty God get sour along the way?
Did we lose our conscience in choosing to accept the short date with the devil?
So much so that, the short stroll ended up leaving us defaced and useless??
Consciences lost, and hearts frozen, becoming so selfish and losing sight of the most important things?
Clear the things that distract and take a stroll in the light of love,
Allowing the world to benefit from who you are

Whenever life gets tough and things seem lost,
Go back and take a stroll in the cool of the garden,
Allow your spirit to reconnect with God and the beautiful soul He’s made you,
Take a Stroll to roll your cares away and allow the peace to permeate your heart.

Mimispassion © 2016
All image credits to Google.

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