As I sat down to watch the sun set

Gradually moving out of view to allow another light to take over

I realized much of the bright light it gave during the day had reduced considerably

Though it still had a glow around it, it wasn’t enough to have so much effort

It just became a sight to admire, but I knew that it had helped some plants photosynthesize and dried someone’s clothes and even provided a source of power to people in many parts of the world

Thus it did achieve its purpose for coming to the earth


Our  mortal life is pretty much the same

There comes a time when you fade away

The energy you had before would have fleeted and people may just come to admire you in your coffin and sing dirges

But would that be all they would do?

Or would they remember you in their hearts for that:

Little smile, that little encouragement, that helping hand, letting them know you cared and that they mattered both to you and even Jesus as you exhibited His love?


When time catches up with you, would you wish you had done better?

Or would you wish you had done something?

Or would you be happy you made an impact?

We are called to make a difference in this life not just to exist as human beings

While here in this mortal body, we won’t live forever


So even as your energy is at its peak, whilst you can be a blessing to someone, do be that sun in their life

Tell them about the Love of God, encourage them, and show that you care

When the sun of your life sets, when it’s all said and done

May God be pleased that you made an impact and lived out your purpose in every way you could have


Remember the smallest streak of sunshine in a snowy place definitely makes a difference

So get up and brace yourself, determine to cause a change, let your light shine

Make your life count

#Its all still about the passion………

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