It recently dawned on me

That I’d been trying to do everything and get everything

So much so that I didn’t have time enough to just pause and take a break

Take a break to inhale the fresh air I’ve been blessed with

Take a break to greet that lady who is so discouraged

Take a break to smile to that child who’s been crying because there’s no food

How many times have we been so busy chasing our dreams

To the extent that we forget about all the people around us

We’re so focused on getting there

That we forget we’ll need company at the apex when we finally get there

Ignoring our loved ones

Being mean to those we know not

Hot in pursuit of our dreams

Mind you I’m not against chasing after your dreams and passion

Oh am all for that, an advocate for that as well

But take a second to reflect on this ;

What use are your dreams and passions…..

If lives won’t be impacted

People won’t be inspired

Nothing of value would be added to humanity ?

Really it’s time to selah (pause and calmly think about that)

So inasmuch as I encourage you to pursue your passions

I encourage you once again to


Take a break to admire the beauty around you

Take a break to consider how your passion can be tailored to bring about changes around you

Take a break to inspire that young girl

Take a break to clean up after your baby brother

For I’ve come to realise that in life

It’s the little things that matter most

And definitely the little things that make all the big difference you wanna see

So before you begin your 100m race after your passion

Make sure to take a break to appreciate those who’ve come around to cheer you on

Never forget to take a break !!!!!!

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I am passionate about one thing: purpose. It is the reason I write, smile and live life. I enjoy working with you to tell your personal or brand story in a human-centred way that compels your audience or customers to root for you always. Let's surely work together sometime.

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