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The Youth Connekt Africa Summit 2017 was an event organized by the UNDP  and UNCTAD  in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and ICT in Rwanda. It was hosted by H.E. Paul Kagame, the president of Remarkable Rwanda. This Summit was inaugural and  first of its kind to be hosted in Africa. It brought together about 3,000+ students, business owners, policy makers, entrepreneurs, billionaires, government officials etc. from Africa and other parts of the world. All these people came together to engage in a discussion about Africa’s future, about moving the youth – which is Africa’s potential, from a state of being potential to a state of actual success. The two-day event had a range of speakers, from Bankers, to millionaires and billionaires, artist/businessmen etc. who addressed the various aspects of Africa that had a hold on the development of potential of the African youth. Africa Connekt was to Initiate Policy, Establish Programs and Form Sustainable Partnerships.


  • To solve youth issues, there’s need to find the opportunities around problems and find a pathway to connect the problem with the opportunity.
  • If we want to create 18m jobs every year, we need speed and skill and we need them fast.
  • To reach the target of 54m jobs by 2020, focus on these industries would greatly speed this process. The industries are Agriculture, Power(access to electricity) and finally a focus on Entrepreneurship, ie access to capital and access to the market for Africa’s young entrepreneurs.
  • If you want to give as an investor in Africa, do it from the perspective of making Africa self-reliant and restoring her dignity.
  • The best people to address youth issues, is the youth themselves. But we need to create/provide the space for them and they will prove themselves.
  • The imperatives for promoting what society needs are Unity/Integrity, Critical Thinking and Increased Appetite for Success.
  • Not getting involved in politics is in itself politics. Politics starts from yourself and your community, it’s about committing yourself to change something.
  • Africa needs to be rebranded by Africans. Don’t wait for a stranger to Africa to tell your story for you. Hold high the African flag and commit yourself to telling the true story of Africa. That’s the only way, the world will see the beauty of Africa.
  • As a young person starting out, move from thinking and planning to actually implementing.
  • We all mustn’t become the same person, we must only become that which fulfills and excites you the most.
  • Never wait for government to do things for you, when you wait for them, the opportunity goes with it.
  • It’s great to have dreams and goals, but don’t dwell on it too much that you become stagnated, pride yourself in progress, no matter how little at a time it is
  • No matter how much knowledge you have, you’re never enough. Spend time studying more failure stories than you do studying successes.
  • Be concerned with being the first at solving a problem, don’t fret over being number one at solving a problem.
  • In business, there are 3 important people to focus on: Customers, Employees, Shareholders, in that order. Don’t waste too much time fretting about your competitors, stay focused on your customers and it will translate into great products that customers would market themselves for you.
  • In business, hire people who are smarter than you are, people with a likelihood to become your boss in the next few years. But be careful not to hire big shots when your business is small. Find the right people and train them to become the best team.
  • Ask yourself these questions to avoid certain mistakes, though the mistakes would come. What do I want? What don’t I want? How much time am I gonna commit to getting what I want?
  • Young people are like microchips, they might be invisible but when harnessed, the levels of developments seen is limitless.
  • The youth is a ticking time bomb, the youth of a country can either be its punishment or reward.


  1. a platform for young African entrepreneurs to share their ideas and receive feedback and likely funding from friends and investors alike.
  2. Jack Ma announced a project to sponsor 200 African young entrepreneurs to work at Alibaba headquarters with the aim of gaining experience in fields including; e-commerce, Artificial intelligence and Internet.
  3. $10m African Young Entrepreneurs Fund to support young African entrepreneurs make their enterprises into such as impacts millions of people. – Jack Ma.
  4. Collaboration of Alibaba with Universities in Africa and governments to train African youth in specific courses including; Internet, Artificial intelligence, and E-commerce.
  5. Alibaba in partnership with Paradise Foundation, wants to promote and support Environmental Conservation programs in Africa, prices would be given to 50 rangers as a form of appreciation for their work.
  6. a platform that encourages young African entrepreneurs to log in and choose the resources that they need.
  7.  Jobs for Youth: An initiative launched by the African Development Bank to help tackle the issue of youth unemployment in Africa.


What commitment are you making to yourself and Africa to help shape our continent?

What targets can you set for that commitment and when should we see it in motion?

How much time are you willing to commit to making that dream for Africa Work?



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Check out the first day’s sessions in the video below


The video coverage for the second day is below


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  1. Inspiring! I am convicted to stop complaining and to start being the change I hope to see in Africa.

  2. Wow, thanks for this very detailed summary of the summit, it relived the momentum I met at the Summit. True, don’t wait for everything to be in place because once there the opportunity is yet gone, Jack Ma’s words

  3. Africa needs to be rebrandedby Africans. Don’t wait for a stranger to Africa to tell your story for you. Hold high the African flag and commit yourself to telling the true story of Africa. That’s the only way, the world will see the beauty of Africa.

    This speaks to me!!
    Thanks for sharing

      1. Writing my story as it unfolds in poetry and short stories.
        Sharing stories of other Africans
        Basically amplifying Africa as written and told /lived by Africans..

  4. Africa has a great future when we begin to think ahead and not brood over the failing governments we have.
    Thanks for sharing, Mimi!

      1. Personally, I believe one main reason why Africa is where it is now is because of our failed systems which frustrate us and makes us waste time on almost every single thing we’re to do. We waste too much time on everything! Time Management is one key thing I would like to dedicate my time to educate the younger ones on. Something just has to be done. When they’re taught that, I think we’ll be a step towards solving our problems.

  5. Very useful tips Mimi. I remember Kofi Annan once saying Africa is the World’s next Goldmine that any serious person should not overlook. We have immense potential to change our fortunes and be a great continent!

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