Do you have a dream, a passion, and a vision to see something happen differently in the world?? If your answer is yes then the work has just began. You got to strive to keep that dream, that vision, that passion animated in order to see the difference you so desire

I haven’t lived too long on earth. Nevertheless, I have picked up a few thoughts and ideas here and there to help you navigate the road of the animated passion i.e. the passion kept alive.

Firstly, write it down. The Holy Scripture says “write the vision down and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it”. Learn to document your thoughts, ideas, goals, plans etc. you’ll be shocked to realize that you probably aren’t the genius you thought you were just for the mere fact that you tend to forget all the wonderful ideas that occurred to you in different environments. Get a mini notebook or a notepad and put the ideas into writing as they come. And if it’s impossible to write everywhere you go, make use of the voice recorder on your phone, record the thoughts or ideas and its implementation that came to you as you watched those two cocks fight over a hen who even paid no heed to them. Opportunities to improve the world we live in surrounds us but it takes the one who is actually looking out for those opportunities to make them count. Make it a point to record the ideas and the plans as the inspiration occurs. Because it takes that tiny little overlooked detail to make the desired big change. Let writing be a part of who you are, it’s not just for the so called “gifted writers”. Everyone can write because we all got experiences worth sharing. Let your experience count in the life of someone.

Again, read. Read, read and read like nobody’s business. As the good book says, there’s nothing new under the sun. Whatever it is you seek to do may have been attempted by others but it needs the unique t “you” touch to make it different from any other person’s. Read extensively about whatever it is you want to do, learn about how others did it, their mistakes, and their shortcomings and how they conquered them. You gain the advantage of approaching your passion in a lot of other ways by leering from others. Don’t be like the typical “black man” of whom it is said “if you want to hide something from a black man, hide it in a book”. Reading doesn’t mean to just limit yourself to books authored by the big guns in the field but it involves reading everything that you can get hold of concerning your dream and taking courses or lessons if need be just to make sure you are bringing out the best you can absolutely thorough in what you do thus making yourself a force to reckon with in whatever field your passion careful too to rid your mind of any prejudices so you accumulate effectively what you read with the motive of creating the desired change.

Finally, practice. As the adage goes “Practice makes perfect”. Bear in mind that, irrespective of your being the most talented on planet earth, without practice you mayn’t stand the chance against a talentless fellow who prioritizes whatever you find your passion, constant practice produces effective results which makes you outstanding in whatever you do. With constant practice, you begin to believe in yourself and nobody could ever talk you out of your dream again. The gurus you see pursuing their dreams relentlessly would all give you the same advice, practice and be persistent even in the face of imminent failure. Trust me people would begin to appreciate your practice because they would begin to see the difference you want them to see. I end with this “the best way to know is to practice”, a saying from a preacher I listened to.

Maybe you’re at the verge of giving up on that lifelong dream, idea, goal etc. you had. Don’t. Remember, the pregnant woman goes through the most painful period right before the baby emerges. I hope the little I’ve shared with you would cause a shift in your thinking and cause you to take a last glance at that passion and decide not to give up on it. Knowing that it’s not about the length of the list you make but it’s about how practical that list would be to you. And don’t let that baby (in this case your passion, your dreams, your goals and plans) die. Give birth to it and watch it grow to change the world as it peaks in its potential.

Thank you once again for being my guest on this journey through the archives of my experiences. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment about what you think of this post and make sure also to like, share and comment. I appreciate you.

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  1. Quite a lengthy one, but worth every minute spent in reading it. Following ones passion isn’t easy but with words like this it makes it worth a while. #keepitcoming

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