I promise to be faithful ,to accept your leadership over me
I’ll submit to you and love you
No other man would appeal to me
That was a few days,months,years ago after the heartfelt announcement

Looking around,I see so many cheating wife’s
Before you ask how I know….
Let me say I got no “cheat detector” ,yet I know because I cheat sometimes too
The wife I’m talking about is collectively the church and individually the christian

Cheating has become commonplace for both the church as a whole and the Christian individuals
We have chosen to let go of our love
In search of other flings and spouses
Forgetting we’re in this for the long haul
For better,for worse: unfortunately death can’t do us part
So we go cheating
Cheating on God with money
Cheating on God with fame,power,human recognition
Even cheating with education
Worst of all cheating in the name of love: ministry

The church has now become a social class : only certain people are allowed to occupy certain positions
The focus of the church is now mansions and huge edifices specked with the latest in technology
The commission to make disciples has metamorphosed into one of filling the huge edifices with people
The church is great at producing church goers instead of Christians who love the Lord
Pushing God into boxes of words provided by the world
Forgetting that our God isn’t bound by human terminologies

The Christian has now become fear filled,faith is too fr fetched
The Christian’s speech,attitude and lifestyle no longer differ from an unbeliever’s
So called “Christian holidays” are the focus not considering why those holidays were instituted
The Christian now treasures his pleasure than God’s
To some,God doesn’t even count because the sinner’s prayers have been done with
The cross has become a symbol for fashion that everyone wears ,lacking an understanding of what really happened there
The Christian that prefers to honor so called “men of God” and use huge meaningless theological jargons
The word itself having been relinquished to the background
No sharing of the good news to get others into the kingdom cuz our wants are too much to allow others access to God
So much for being a Christian when there’s no impact

Interestingly enough,regardless of all the cheating and betrayal
There’s just so much more love flowing from God
The more intensified the cheating gets,the greater the love supplied
Though this is not so we continue cheating
Imagine we remained faithful,how much more can we achieve with this grace that overflows
Rather than doubting the genuineness of this divine love
Let’s create space for a transformation into a faithful wife

Time is running out, Christ longs for others to join this family
Church,its time to value holiness that stems out of growth,faithfulness and intimacy
Church,return to your first love and make an effort to please Him
Surrender entirely out of love and not necessity
Christian, cherish the one who has called you and make His love known
Reach out to the dying souls and enlarge the family

Cheating wife or faithful wife
The choice is yours Church
The choice is yours Christian
I hope for your own sake, that you choose to be faithful
And remain faithful to the end!!!!!!

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  1. great writing dear, cheating is high rising lately, the more reason why marriages are breaking up ruthlessly. One is always enough to a rooted Christian. #keepitcoming

  2. To serve the present age,
    My calling to fulfill:
    O may it all my powers
    To do my Master’s will!

    Amen. May we all be found faithful.

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