The Closet

The place that holds all your secrets
The place where your true colours are exhibited
The place where you discover your strengths and weaknesses
Almost everyone in the world agrees that the way people behave when no one is around is who they truly are
The difficulties you deal with when you’re out of sight of the people you wanna impress
Tells the story of who you truly are or who you’re trying to be


The closet is an important part of humanity
It breeds geniuses as well as the villains that walk the society
In the closet its just you and of course God who sees everything
Porn addicts,masturbation addicts,drug addicts are products of the closet life gone wrong
They discovered a vice in their search for advice and finally ended up enslaved to things dangerous to their health and well being
I don’t know how you’re faring in your closet life
But if you never understood the importance of the closet life,its high time you started noticing it

Begin to notice the kind of activities you pursue when you think no one is watching
You rummage through your roommate’s stuff when they’re not around??
Beware, you may be heading towards the path of a klepto
You always end up texting that guy that always arouses you sexually anytime you’re alone??
Take heed that you don’t end up messing up your life
Sex ties are blood ties and they’re super strong
Reading books that keep your mind active and practicing public speaking in front of your mirror when you’re alone?
Keep at it and you’d see one of the best public speakers emerge👍


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Solitude is your favorite term cuz you love to speak to God?
There’s a glory coming that  the world can only connect to a man devoted to God
It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do in the midst of people
Who you truly are haunts you when you’re alone and think no one is watching
Whatever great person you look forward to becoming can be achieved
Just devote enough of your closet life to developing that strength you have
Work on that innate talent and ability when no one is watching

You’ll amaze yourself when you  see the results of your closet labor
No matter how messed up you’ve become, God is in your closet
Seek Him and let Him heal you and bring out the best you contain
There’s so much you can achieve when you value your closet
When others go around trying to impress
Stay true to who you are,discover your flaws ad work on them
Gain insight into your strengths and harness them to benefit yourself and society at large
Begin to value your closet from today and understand that it counts in who you become
Choose well : your closet life and inner life influences who you become

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