The Flash


I usually don’t go along these lines but there’s always a first time. I like watching flash not just because its intriguing but because it holds so many lessons. Lessons that each and everyone of us can learn and apply. Aside all the “SciFi” ,there’s a huge portrayal of family and friendship values .
How much are you willing to sacrifice for your family, friends ,loved ones or dreams?
Sacrifice ought to be a part of our everyday lives . To love is to sacrifice. Would you leave your job and loved ones just to save someone else’s ??
Do you just love your people and leave everyone else to hang?
What would you do if you suddenly woke up with super powers?
Would you use them to punish all those who owe you?
Or you’d actually use it to better the lives of others?


You don’t need to be struck by lightning to receive super powers in order to make a difference. You already have that super power and it is love. It is the super power with which God reaches out to people who have ignored Him. And if you’re a Christian, that super power is resident in you,all you have to do is believe you can change the world with it and you can.
Flash was a mere scientist who got speed force after an accelerator explosion (ignore all the SciFi ). But he chose to use his power to save his city from the other evil super power wielders and fortunately for him,he had family and friends that supported  him fully.
Fortunately for you as a Christian too,you got the whole God-head and a cloud of witnesses cheering you on. Let’s learn to live and walk by love, put aside the selfishness and embrace the grace and privilege of love. It doesn’t matter how unlovable people may appear to be,deep down within,each person hurts and  longs just for someone who would cherish and love them.

You mayn’t be God but you can show Jesus to them through your love . Make sacrifice your motto,sacrifice your last cedi to buy that toy for the little poor boy crying for it .You may starve but you’ve saved a mother days of agony for not being able to provide for her son.
We don’t need to go the rural areas or deprived communities to show love to the poor,the rich also need love. To those who think only Africa needs love,look around,your children and youth cry for your love and attention also. They’d love to just have parents who love them and help them make the world better.


Love is all we really need.
Love is patient, kind and suffers long, Love keeps no record of wrong and believes till the end ,Love doesn’t just throw away because he’s been betrayed,Love infects others and brings them into the circle of love.
Sacrifice and love always go hand in hand ,learn to sacrifice and learn to love.
For Christians reading this,don’t limit God,there are several ways He can and would speak to your heart

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