The Midas Touch



The Midas touch tells of a king who out of greed wanted everything he touched to become gold…..
My use of the Midas touch is to connote that touch that will turn most efforts or endeavors into gold

Excitement and great expectations characterise the beginning of any good thing
We’re excited to gain admission to our dream school
Marry the man/woman of our dreams
Begin that business that we always dreamt of
Affect lives and bear fruits that last for generations


But then the question arises, are you committed to that marvelous idea or event in your life??
The difference between success and failure is by large, commitment
Commitment is the Midas touch that turns our dreams and efforts into gold
There’s the need to move from just being interested in something to actually committing to it
Putting in the best of your resources and character into ensuring the success of that endeavour
Commitment is dedication and devotion
It is loyalty to what you began way after the emotion and excitement has vanished
It is keeping through till the end because you understand the impact of the endeavor


Cast your mind back and deep
Look at the things you’re passionate about,how much are you committed to them ?
The dream God gave you to reach out to unbelievers,are you still on course?
Has your love waxed cold in the pursuit of the dream??
Has your marriage fallen on the rocks just because the excitement faded out??
Is it the right decision ending that friendship ,just to please people who don’t even care about your progress?
Would you give up living a chaste life in this ruthless ,sin stricken world??
Are you gonna hold on to Christ even in the face of possible execution and death?



I could go on and on
Yet it counts to be simple and short
There’s no need to get bored because this piece is too long
I just want to draw your mind to what’s important
Commitment is essential for making a difference in the lives of people 
Commitment keeps you loyal to the cause you’re defending and fighting for
Examine your passion and interest,go beyond both to achieve commitment
Transcend commitment to reach faithfulness
Let your life count in this world


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