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Attending The School of Money this year is a seed that had been set in motion sometime back. I found this man speaking on Dominion TV somewhere last year. I was intrigued and being the  typical digital native, checked him out online. A Google Search sent me to his website, facebook account and YouTube channel.  I proceeded to follow him on all social media platforms. Somewhere this year, he came into my consciousness again, so I took to YouTube to watch his videos again. Sharing all I was learning on my WhatsApp Status.

When an ad on Instagram informed me through a sponsored post he was coming, I didn’t think twice. I finished registering before asking myself if I hadn’t just given away my information freely. Fast forward to the week of the summit, I experienced a terrible cold on the first day and missed the session. So all I’m sharing with you here is mostly from my experience in Day 2 and Day 3. And it’s all kinds of fire!!

School of Money

I learned and refreshed my memory on where money hides. Then again, I got to learn how to make money, manage it and multiply it. These are the major modules of the teaching. However, there were some other really deep truths about tithing, giving, seed sowing, and the Kingdom of God that I also gleaned. I’ve been bursting with excitement since.

Where Money Hides

The concept of money as explored in this school isn’t money as a currency, but rather as value given for value provided. Currency changes per geographical location and thus you can’t necessarily depend on that alone as money.

  1. Money hides in people: Money will always flow in the direction of value. Money will flow from people to you if you: have something to exchange for it, or solve a problem for them.  There are millions hiding in people that can flow to you if you provide value for them.
  2. Money hides in problems: Every problem you see is money in disguise. One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity. Stop complaining about problems and start solving them.
  3. Money hides in gifts and talents: Your gold is tied to your gift. Profit  is tied to your potential. The treasure that’s yours is tied to your talent. A hobby could be the Creator’s provision for your sustenance. How can you exploit it to bring value and get value/reward back?
  4. Money hides in opportunities: Opportunities are doorways and ladders to new levels of life. Watch out for the things people ask your help for. You can become a middleman between them and the solution they seek.
  5. Money hides in products and services: Your brain child would be paid for by people when you create a product or service from it. What is that product/service you can come up with that will have people willing to pay?
  6. Money hides in ideas: Ideas are solutions your mind gives to problems your eyes have seen and ears heard. Your idea translates to money when it is processed/harnessed. Click To Tweet.  The processing of that idea is what creates value. Make good your ideas and build them up. Your ideas should tally with the times.
  7. Money hides in vision: Whatever vision you have must be casted to get provision.  There are people all over the world willing to support your vision. But until you cast it, they wouldn’t come.
  8. Money hides in work: Your work is what you’re created to do. A job is what you do to earn a living. When you are doing what you’re created to do, money comes in.  Work is demand placed on your potential. Figure it out and money will come.
  9. Money hides in seed:  Your future is in your seed. What cash or potential seed do you have that you can sow? Sow it and reap the benefits thereof.
  10. Money hides in the Creator (God): A relationship with Him allows Him to entrust you with money. There is a relationship between worship and wealth.


How to Make Money

As there are ways to make money, these are how not to make money: stealing, begging, borrowing, marriage, inheritance.

  1.  Work – doing what you were created to do.
  2. Career Portal – doing what you’re paid to do.
  3. Entrepreneurship Portal – starting your own business.
  4. Investment Portal – investing in various investment vehicles such as real estate, stocks, bonds, money market, etc.

How to Manage Money

The difference between making money and multiplying it is what you do with the money (i.e management). Manage your money:

  1. By budgeting: allocate money into the past, present and future. Recommended 30/70 principle. 10% to God, 20% to the future (i.e personal development, investment) and use the rest of the 70%. Whatever the 70% of your income can’t afford shouldn’t be something you go for.

How to Multiply Money

The basics of multiplying money is through investment. Investment in different forms. To be an investor, you can invest in:

  1. Entrepreneurship – your own business or becoming a venture capitalist buying into new ideas/solutions.
  2. Real Estate – land, buildings, etc.
  3. Money Market – treasury bills, fixed deposits, mutual fund, etc.
  4. Capital market – bonds, stocks, other long term investments.
  5. Intellectual property – something that belongs to you and can make you money in perpetuity.

Money lessons I picked

  1. Money is tripartite, it has a spirit (mammon), soul (value in the marketplace) and body (currency).
  2. Your currency increases as you worship mammon.
  3. To be financially secure, it’s either you’re in the secret cult or secret place (shadow of the Almighty God).
  4. Every seed has poison in it, when you give your tithe, God takes that poison away. Just as those who believe in mammon dedicate their items to it, you should also bring your seed to your high priest, so He can take out the posion.
  5. Everybody pays tithe, it’s either to God, the devil or your flesh.
  6. Don’t give out your tithe to anyone else apart from God. He is the only person able to take out the unsightly and bless the rest for you.
  7. Money is a spiritual matter.

The New Rules of Money

  1. Knowledge is the new money.
  2. Learn how to use debt – debt(good) is a leverage, bad debt is a bondage. Any debt you’re using for assets is good debt.
  3. Learn how to manage your cash flow – make sure you’re involved in something that always brings in money. Have at least 6-9 months of living expenses saved up. Get into multiple streams of income.
  4. Prepare for bad times and you’d always have good times.
  5. There’s need for speed. – think automation and ease.
  6. Learn the language of money. – only those who understand the language, can succeed.
  7. Life is a team sport, you need to develop your team. Get the right people on your team. Lawyers, accountants, etc.
  8. Learn to print your own money. Use knowledge to create your own wealth.

Most people in Africa and other parts of the world are struggling with poverty. Knowledge without application leaves much to be desired. I have shared my insights from being a participant at the school. As I also take all this information and start translating it into practicality, I hope you do same too.

Dr Olumide Emmanuel can be found on all the major social media channels. Its either the Common Sense Group, or his own name.

Start from the YouTube channel here and then graduate to find your own information and learn more. Become a wealthy person.

The School of Money by Olumide Emmanuel on YouTube

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