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Have you noticed that the world just keeps getting worse day by day? Did you realise that the old man you used to give money and food to by the roadside hasn’t been there for the past 3 months? Has it ever hit you to think about the rate at which young people are dying and consider why? Do you pause in a day to assess your life and what it has become?

The world as we know it keeps transforming day by day. To some it’s becoming better, to others it’s just getting worse. Whichever spectrum you look at things from, you should have noticed by now that nothing really seems to last anymore. Job said:

 Our life is like a flower that grows quickly and then dies away.
    Our life is like a shadow that is here for a short time and then is gone.

Job 14:2 (ERV)

Today, it’s not just man, but technology, fashion trends, career options, etc. Nothing seems to last anymore.

A wandering mind sometimes brings home reason. At other times it brings worry and fear. Many other times too, it lays bare opportunities that are available to enjoy the fleeting life as it is. My wandering mind looks at a lot of things, considering them and turning them over day by day. A peak in there could probably get you also thinking.

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On Miracles

Three weeks ago, the visiting pastor who preached titled his message: “Where Be All His Miracles?” His anchor scripture being from Judges 6:13, when Gideon was visited by the angel of God. Since that day, I have been asking myself the same question. If God be with us, then where be all His miracles? Bible says miracles, signs and wonders shall follow them who believe in Christ (Mark 16:17-18).  Apart from this promise, performing miracles is also one of the gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor 12:10). When it comes to miracles, most people today see waking up, missing a near accident, meeting a long time friend and many other normal life circumstances as miracles.

Looking up the word, miracles are occurrences that couldn’t be scientifically possible or proven; happenings not explainable solely by natural processes but which require the direct causal agency of a supernatural being, usually God; supernatural actions that point towards God, though there may be blessing spinoffs for man.  So I’m thinking maybe stuff like raising dead people, new legs forming for cripples, deaf and dumb people beginning to speak, the blind receiving his sight, etc.
All of which of course point to God!

Where Be all His Miracles?

Now if we’re to go according to the explanation I found, really, where be all the Lord’s miracles? Are we so out of tune with Him that we can’t like Peter say “silver and gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus, rise and walk”?  Have Christians of the 21st century lost the presence of God? Or we have become so fed up of the counterfeit that we no longer believe the legitimate can happen?

No one stopped using currency because counterfeits were being produced, so why then stop believing in miracles? When a loved Christian dies, what should be our response? Someone who has  been a blessing to the church, should our first response be to start crying, get them to the morgue and then prepare for a grand funeral? Perhaps we should lay them up like those of old did with Dorcas, and get them brought back to life? 

Do you Believe?

I have thought and considered this matter over and over again. Do I believe? You also, do you believe? That instead of always having to give out money to that cripple, you could actually command them to walk? Instead of giving all up and allowing death snatch a loved one, you could be so full of the Spirit that a word from you would bring the person back to life? Would you be like the Centurion who sought Jesus’s word even though he’d known his child was a done deal?

Truly, you should maybe consider what you really believe in. Peradventure, you’re here in church or in Christ for a reason different than “growing into the full stature of Christ”. We have been called to do much more than Christ did whilst on earth. Why then are we unable to even do some of the things those without the promise of the new covenant did?


My wandering mind considers a lot of things apart from this one. In order to help you mule on one thing at a time, I will do this in parts. Next time, we’ll look at “Grinding – working hard to make the dream live”.

What are your thoughts and musings on Miracles? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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