A piece of eternity,

Caught up in mortality,

Starting from maternity,

Allocated for fulfilling purpose,

Purpose for which there would be accountability.

A commodity so rare, yet wasted always,

Determinant of success and failure;

Providing closure for the past,

Opening doors for the future;

It’s usage determining it’s influence and impact,

Time has a lot of stories to tell.

Ancient, yet never aging,

Fading slowly into eternity;

Mapping the way for where you spend eternity.

An employee that churns out success or failure based on it’s use,

Though often abused, those who prevent misuse gain.

With handwriting so plain,

Evidence of it’s works can’t be pushed aside;

Time is both a lawyer and witness for itself.

The athlete in his stride, racing against it,

The man in the morgue, let it slip out of his hands;

The baby in the cradle anticipates the change it brings.

The hard worker appreciates it;

The sluggard abhors it;

A treasure sometimes thrown to the swine;

Time is priceless.

Showing you what really matters,

Testing the genuineness of things and motives,

Rewarding the positives,

Proving the verity of information;

Providing a span for activities;

Bringing order to homes, offices, schools and what have you;

Times gives essence to life.

The clock keeps ticking,

One the biological, another the mechanical,

Everybody is bound by time,

How you use it, determines  how your life goes,

Waste it wisely; spend it prudently,

For your life is equated to “time”,

Time is life and life is time.


Mimispassion © 2016

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