To Live Again


Sharon was back to her favorite and yet least favorite place in the house. Dark and out of sight she liked to think it was. It’s funny how her life had become an irony too soon. The bliss and gaiety had all disappeared, leaving just gloom and doom.

She shut her eyes firmly and closed her ears as she anticipated the worst yet again. Her kind and sweet father had suddenly taken to drinking and always came home to take it out on her frail mother. And since they were the only 3 people living in the house, her mom had no one to save her and so continued to endure the pain, disrespect, hurt and disgrace almost every blessed day. Blessed wasn’t a word her mom would call her day.

He threw the only flower vase left out of the 7 they had at her mom again, this time around, she ducked and the vase hit the huge plasma attached to the wall. Even with her hands over her ears and eyes firmly shut, Sharon heard her father’s angry roar and groan and she knew her mom was in deep trouble now. She wished she could go out of her hiding place to save her but she had no strength against this bulky father of hers, especially not when he was this drunk and rarely regarded anyone as human.

A piercing scream shot out through the house, tearing the safety of her palms over her ears, shaking the paintings and pictures that were left on the wall, that scream got the dogs outside barking and joining in the dirge for her mother’s just departed soul. He had succeeded in killing her, that wicked giant. Sharon came out just in time to see her mom fall with a heavy thud onto the sofa. She looked at him with fiery eyes, eyes that sought to find the once humane husband and father behind this drunk giant, but her heart couldn’t hold it in no longer, “I hate you”, she screamed at him and took off. That was the last time she was gonna see that drunk giant or her soft comfy pink bed and all her toys. After all, they were no use now that her mom was gone.  She was an orphan, with no one to care for her. The streets might even prove to be friendlier to her. Goodbye Father, she muttered as she ran off the street and went towards the center of town.

Hanson, you’re drunk again, she said to him as he entered. She had endured his beating and insults for a number of weeks now, she loved him so she stayed. She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t run off. Every day he arrived, she panicked because she knew she could end up like her mom.

Fate had dealt her the same hand it dealt her mom. Her baby Kezia had to always run to hide like she used to. She was confused as to whether she should allow this to continue or do something about it?  Her Kezia shouldn’t have to grow up seeing and feeling the same things that caused her to run away.

He lifted his hand to slap her, stirring her out of her reverie. Immediately she recovered from the slap, she took the next available opportunity and kicked him hard in the groin and hit his back with the suitcase which he dropped in pain from the kick.

She grabbed her crying baby and keys and run out of the house. She could end up running all her life, she thought to herself but she sure didn’t want her baby growing to suffer her pain. She had to break the cycle. Good bye Hanson, she muttered as she sparked her car and sped off towards the town she run away from years ago.

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