Trotro diaries #2

Trotros are a favorite of the normal Ghanaian. Sometimes we love the experience, at other times it pisses the life out of us. Nevertheless, the fact that everyday holds something new to be learned can’t be underestimated, making it needful to pay attention to things around us. Welcome to the part 2 of trotro diaries. Enjoy the read!!!!


I got to the station early as usual because I left the office early, and the last full bus just took off, so another had to replace it, and this was where the trouble began. Mr A drove his bus and parked in the spot as his “mate” started shouting to draw the attention of those passengers which were going in their direction. Suddenly, the “mate” of Mr B comes shouting and screaming, ready to fight Mr A and his “mate” as he insisted it was their turn to go. Mr A and his “mate” made to ignore him and  just load their bus but “mate” B would have nothing of that. He came to block the door to the bus preventing anyone from entering, the whole scene was serious yet funny at the same time. Passengers were standing by and watching the display, not knowing whether to go with A or B. A station master was called to verify the truth in “mate” B’s claim, but even he was shaky for whatever reason I know not. Mr B also got down to join his “mate” in ensuring their rights were not trampled upon in anyway: there was no way they were gonna allow themselves to be cheated. It turned out they were my country men as I heard them speak their funny version of the “twi” language. After much hassle and screaming at each other, Mr B just brought his vehicle and parked right in front of Mr A who was in the legitimate spot.  Ignoring Mr A and his ‘mate’, they then started directing the passengers to their bus, not allowing even a single passenger go near Mr A’s bus. Finally Mr A and his “mate” backed off when they realized Mr B’s mate was not joking about not allowing them to cross him. Both Mr B and his mate kept murmuring  whilst they loaded the bus, but seemed glad they had been able to ensure they weren’t cheated. When the bus finally took off, it was another interesting experience in the bus, as the songs that were being played in the vehicle was the typical native songs which I actually did enjoy and sing along for most part of the journey. The driver only switched to let the passengers listen to the news shortly but switched right back when the news was done. This was like the best ride I had had in the week.


As funny and interesting as this experience was, it was definitely important that I reflected on the whole thing and learn a lesson or two from it. So here I go to share with you these lessons.

  1. Always be determined: I am very sure I would have let go if I was “mate” B, just to have peace. But I find that in life, certain things would refuse to change and improve unless you exert pressure and remain consistent with your stance. There’s plenty of situations in your life that are cracking you and beating you down because you’ve refused to put up a fight. Know who you are and what you possess and let that inform your decision when it comes to giving up easily or staying to keep up the fight. Your breakthrough is sometimes tied to the intensity of your fight. Desist from being slow witted and lazy, keep up the good fight and you’d surely end up with a laudable trophy.

Determination and achievement go hand in hand. They’re a couple who always stroll hand in hand: one cannot go without the other.


2. Know your rights: If you are unaware of the things you deserve, there’s no way you can demand it. Know what is due you and learn to ask for it in a wise way. Keeping in mind that a wise answer turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1). Be in the know of the investments you’ve made into anything and everything and aware of when you’re supposed to be receiving your rewards from whichever investment it is you’ve made. In this narrative, mate B knew how much he had invested into booking fee and how long he had to wait till it was his turn, thus his patience initially till it was his time. Without being aware of your rights or dues, you might as well be chasing the wind. There’s the need to have a clear cut direction.


3. People only see results: Humans are such that, not a lot of people actually care how you managed to acquire something. Their major concern is the end result, usually only the inquisitive bunch bother to find out how some things work or are attained. The passengers didn’t care what mate B had to do to make sure he wasn’t  cheated, all they knew was that they  wanted to board a bus home and whichever one was available solved their problems. Don’t always look to people to approve your hustle, know what you stand for and what you’re going for and let that be your motivation in whatever you do. When you make it to the top, they’ll surely be there to celebrate with you. Acknowledge and appreciate people in your life, but don’t wait for them to approve you before you move on.


4. Be comfortable with who you are: Identity has been an issue that has plagued society for years. As people would prefer to come off how society expects them to be. Others live for the appreciation they receive from others and hence live a life of rehearsed pretense. One thing that fascinated me about the drive home was how the driver and his mate were playing songs that most people would not usually play and yet didn’t see need to apologize to anyone. After all, the vehicle was theirs and they could do whatever they wanted. Don’t be afraid to be the person you really are because you’re afraid of what people would say or how they’ll react. Just be sure that whatever you are is what God has intended for you. He’s the most important factor, He gave you life and has the ability to claim it too. Feel free to express yourself without fear or favor. Laugh loud when you want to, cry when you need to, meet friends, apologize when you go wrong. Just simply be you!! Cause you is amazing!!!


Words used: Trotro — Commercial bus;    Mate: Conductor in the bus

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  1. its always good for us to know our rights so that we won’t feel cheated when one tries to.
    I like this part ”learn to get comfortable with yourself. don’t chase people. Be happy with yourself”. God is my joy and everything.

    Mimi God bless you.more grace

  2. Great observations…how marvellous lessons nature teach. Bible says even the day itself has wisdom to teach (Psalm 19:2).

    Be bold but not proud, be humble and not timid. Each pair has been grossly misconstrued in our society. Be Blessed.

  3. “Don’t always look to people to approve your hustle”. I am in absolute congruence with you on this one Mimi. Myles Munroe in his “The Principles and Power of Vision” spoke in a much similar light.
    I personally also believe that in our strive towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ, it’s only our personal understanding and deep rooted insight into what purpose is and vision,which is actually the light leading us towards our purpose that will reveal the capacity needed and ultimately God’s provision of those needs to assist us in making it to the destination of our purpose.

    I loved the read. Keep them coming. 🙂

  4. Trotro diaries can be one of the most exciting, educating as well as frustrating moments in the day of a Ghanaian, I personally have lots to share on this but as you rightly said, in life there are somethings that when you go lenient on, you might loose it.
    Knowledge is indeed power, if you know, no one can fake you on certain things.
    Thanks for sharing swdy.

  5. Everything that happens teaches us something. It started funny but in the end you got something out of it and decided to share. Thanks

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