Ultimate Feelings


Sometimes you just have to ignore the feelings and just do what’s right. It’s the right decision that counts in the end not the feeling.

A lot of times in a lot of situations, we tend to allow our feelings to dictate our choices thus determining the course of our lives.

That is we do more feeling than thinking

I’m not against having feelings but do they have to be the ultimate directors of your actions and thus life?

Feelings come and go and allowing them to determine which course your life takes means you’re headed towards a major breakdown

Come to think of it ,if Christ had focused on how He felt: the pain, disappointment, betrayals etc.

You and I wouldn’t be heirs of the father and co heirs with Christ by now

And just look at what happened when Moses vented his anger out on a rock contrary to the instruction God gave Him

He missed out on the opportunity to get to the promised land

Now let’s bring the spotlight to your life

Remember that time you were so angry at your sibling you spat out angry words which have scarred that sibling till now?

Or that fateful morning you insulted the conductor on the bus not knowing a member of the panel you were going to face was on the bus?

Then again you who cried and got that guy to marry you out of guilt though he said he didn’t love you and now your marriage is hell?

Does any of these sound familiar to you?

See I’m an evidence of allowing feelings direct the course of my life

There have been times where instead of attending lectures I rather chose to sleep because I was “feeling” sleepy

I ended up missing important lessons in some courses

Lessons which formed the foundation to foster understanding in the whole course

And it’s just by the grace of God that I didn’t fail those courses

This led me to the realization that indeed:

It’s no use losing a great friendship just because your feelings have been hurt by an action or words

Really it’s just not worth it clinging on to a relationship that is clearly going nowhere nor working just because you feel that aside the person there’s no one else

Neither does it make any sense at all to destroy property or hurt people just because you feel wronged or betrayed

And oh you sure can’t live life below what you deserve just because you’re too afraid to strive harder and discover the best you

Most importantly it’s a big loss to give up on God just because you feel He doesn’t love you or care enough to have come through for you

Just because you have feelings doesn’t mean they ought to rule your life

On the contrary since we can’t live without having feelings

We might as well just channel it to foster our progress in every aspect of our lives

For you who is constantly feeling depressed and irrelevant, why not let that feeling be converted into a determination to discover what exactly you can do

And for those whose anger can destroy property or human life, why not channel that anger unto that unyielding project and work at it till you get it right

You’ll realize that most of the struggles we face in our daily lives just need a lil of our negative feelings converted to positive for them to budge

So don’t let your feelings regulate you. Focus on making the right decision

And if the feeling is too strong at the moment, take a moment to calm yourself in order to make the right decision

Because ultimately the decision is what counts and not the feeling

See you on the flip side of life where we live by making the right decisions and not dwelling on how we feel…..

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Hope you enjoyed reading…

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5 Comments on “Ultimate Feelings”

  1. Brilliant write up.
    Reads like a summary of a book you are about to publish.
    ‘Just because you have feelings doesn’t mean they ought to rule your life’
    Speaking to my heart again Mimi. Bless you!

  2. there was actually a part of me in there, but it is great to know that feelings dont give the right answer to situations, but rather thinking about it and taking the right decisions.

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