I am young, I am bold,
I am talented, I am passionate.
Don’t underestimate my power to change the world.
Don’t underestimate my influence in this dying world.
Give me the guidance I need to excel.
Have faith in me, believe that I can do this and I can,
Don’t just sit unconcerned and judge me.
I make mistakes, just like you did when you were my age.
Would you be who you are now, if someone didn’t guide you??

Please don’t underestimate your influence in my life.
Please make sure to be involved in my training, whether you’re my parent or not,
Once you’ve walked this road before, you have experience I don’t have yet.
I can’t always learn from experience because, sometimes by the time I may gain the experience, it might have resulted in my death.
Dead people don’t make any influence or change anything.
I could die by discouragement, better still I could lose the spark I have in me to change the world…
This story can be different if you guide me with your experience and expertise.

So once again, I plead, don’t underestimate me and don’t underestimate your impact in my life.


Most often, the older folk in the society allow us to fall way beyond revival just because we are sometimes stubborn. But the truth is, we need you to help us become the best version of ourselves.
Thanks to all the people who have played a role in helping me become all that I am now.
I appreciate you very much.

Mimispassion © 2016

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