Whenever I hear digging,the picture in my mind is that of pickaxes,shovels,machetes and the like.
Tools used to sharpen as well as dig,so today I decided to do some self digging (if that’s even correct ,lol) and my oh my,truths came to bare as I’ve never even imagined.
Can you guess who I met on this in-digging journey ? Well,well,I met the honourable and self sufficient me…. Isn’t that amazing ??
I thought I was going to meet God cuz after all I no longer lived because I’d been crucified with Christ and all that right ???


Undaunted,I decided to dig a little deeper and here, I came face to face with jealousy,malice,anger,hatred,lack of concern,self indulgence, I could go on an on but I don’t want to bore you.. You should have seen the surprise registered on my face. I thought I was born again?
A tongue speaking spirit filled believer??..somebody say Hallelujah.
Why then couldn’t I find any fruit of the spirit,where was the love ,joy,peace,kindness,forbearance,gentleness???
Somebody help me out,what exactly has happened here??


I know I read and feed on the word or perhaps I don’t allow it to digest because my ingestion was compulsory and as though I had a gun held to my head??
The word which is my food seemed to last only as long as I shared the ‘reve‘ with the brethren.
I was definitely building a sandy castle on the beach, thinking all along that twas a mansion on the rocks.
I didn’t see this coming at all,I envisioned my house to endure longer you know, after all I am so spiritual .


Something needs to change and must change now!!!!!
My mind is set ,resolutions firmly drawn.
No more surface scratching .
I’m going in deep.
Deep into the word that formed me,deep into the word that keeps me,deep into the word that molds me into who I need to be.
I’m sharpening my tools now,I’m going deeper and firmer.
The dependence solely on leaders and pastors is a thing of the past.
The devotional is no longer going to be the final authority for me.
For there is a call that resounds in my ear,calling me deeper,breaking all chains and releasing my heart in pursuit of the WORD.
A call to build a house of stones firmly upon the foundation of the word.
A house of personal revelation and engagement with and to the Holy Spirit .


No more ‘kpayo’ things. I’m taking my digging lessons now and very soon you’d see my firm and strong house built on the solid rock of ages that never fails….

** Originally written for SASA KNUST KEEP DIGGING, but since it wasn’t ministered,I decided to edit and share it here***
Keep digging and stop being comfortable with what you find on the surface..

All image credits go to Google… Grandpa Google:mrgreen:

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  1. Headed out to do some ‘soul digging’. But I must confess, I’m scared of what I’d find down there. Any advice?

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