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Day in and day out, we meet people. Some end up becoming great friends, others business partners and yet others, investors in your business. And oh, some actually become the better half(life-time PIC). Human as we are, it’s next to impossible to know exactly how someone would influence you or the kind of relationship you would develop with them during your first meeting. Regardless, this very first meeting usually determines how far any relationship you develop with the person goes.Hence the first impression you make on anyone you meet is very important.


It’s true that at times you have certain prospects in your mind about how far you and someone you just met would go. However, those prospects usually turn out  true only a 90 out of 100 times. The decision to actually open up to someone to get to know them depends on the kind of person they struck you as after your first meeting. Personal branding is something no one should joke with. You shouldn’t mar your brand just because you want to appear cool. Often times, most people aren’t looking for cool.


Quite recently, I met some guys in the bus on my way back from work. They had never met me before but the way I responded to their questions and jokes made them comfortable to chat with me. As our conversations progressed, their actions and responses to certain pertinent issues made me form a certain perception of them. Unfortunately for them,  my gathered perception wasn’t a good one at all. It was one that would make sure I never run into them ever again. I was able to gather this not so good perception about them because they abused the free communication flow and spoke anyhow. It could have happened that I would sit in their interview session for a job the next day and because of the impression they made on me, I wouldn’t pay them any attention in the interview room.


Regardless of who you are, people will always perceive you in a particular light. You might be a focused and serious-minded person and yet come off as “unserious” and fickle to people. You might be the brightest in a room, but because of your attitude and way of presentation, no one might take your ideas seriously. The way people treat you isn’t just because they hate or love you. Sometimes, it’s the brand you portray that informs their decision about how to relate to you. Wouldn’t it then be a good idea to actually show them the things you want them to see? Intentionally give them a perception about you? Consciously decide to a large extent how they relate to you?  Who you are has a direct relationship with how far you go in life. Know who you are, create your personal brand and move with it. Always being aware of it, in every and any given scenario. The kind of person you are should  show irrespective of which environment you find yourself in. No matter how cordial and funny a purpose-driven person is, you’ll always get a hint that they are purpose-driven from the way they talk, act and even joke.


I’m not asking you to be stuck up and all “I know what I am about and you don’t“, neither I’m asking to act “I’m better than you”. All I’m asking is that always be conscious of who you are and how you want to portray that person that you are. Even for the rich guys who intentionally look poor to attract true love, they still have their personalities intact and that is what attracts the women to them. Your identity actually surpasses any filters you try to put on. Let your identity show the kind of brand you portray. Don’t talk loosely just because everyone around is doing so, don’t compromise on your values just because it’s the cool thing to do. Stand firm and tall and let your brand shine through all the others. Be proud of who you are and yet humble in your dealings with people. If people would want to be known as rowdy or rude, what is your business joining them to state their brand?  Why turn yourself into something you’re not just to please the masses?


Your brand is what distinguishes you from all other people. Unless you’re too scared to be who you are, I’ll strongly recommend you wear your brand around always. You never know when that brand will bring you a reward you weren’t expecting. There’s no need living loosely and doing anything just because it’s the new cool thing.Stay true to who you are. Watch your brand for it plays a role in what you receive out of life.


Just so you don’t misinterpret me, I’m not asking you to be something or someone you’re not. All am saying is that you bring out a positive projection of yourself always. A corn seed has the capacity to grow into a maize plant and not a tomato plant. Pretending to be something you’re not is not equal to branding. Branding is knowing who you are and what your potential is, and living to reach that potential. Don’t go for a brand that is foreign to you, stay true to your own brand and personality. Of course, make changes if there are dents in the personality, but don’t totally forsake yourself to be another person.


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    1. It’s very true Enam…when you meet people for the very first time, the persons expressions and impression can or will determine the type of relationship you will both build.
      Thanks for the passion
      Love to see another one if possible…

  1. Very true. You should always be yourself everyone else is taken. I agree that you should have your own brand. Its always good to fix the things you don’t like about yourself as long as your not changing into another person.

  2. Very nice, I like the way you weave the importance of branding into the fabric of humanity … When we stay true to ourselves our brand will always shine and attract the right people.

  3. ….and yes! That’s the problem – branding. Also most people don’t know but they brand themselves subconsciously, with what they wear or how they behave.
    “Your presence is how people form their impressions of you” was a statement that particularly caught my eye. Everyone who’s lost as to what to do when it comes to branding should see this! An awesome piece!

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