It is very easy for us youth of today to take lightly the advice our parents give us

I’m a culprit of usually telling myself that things are different now than they were in my parents’ time

Well things are actually different but if you take time to calmly and carefully consider the advice

You’d find out that indeed the advice can still be applied provided you apply a little wisdom in doing so

My father though not a talkative has taught me a lot both in his silence and in my interactions with him

The very first lesson I’d like to share is that of INTEGRITY

Value your integrity and your personal values

If you’re a child of God, let the world see Jesus in you

The system in which we live these days is very corrupt such that if you’re not willing to join you have to stay “poor”

But God always provides for and protects those who uphold His will

Scripture makes me understand that God searches the earth looking out to intervene in the affairs of them that honor Him

It may be difficult to uphold your standard of integrity when everyone else is cheating in the exam hall or quoting false prices for items to make extra money

But it’s important to uphold your integrity and keep focus on doing the right thing

I read a quote from a friend’s status  “Right is right even if you’re the only one doing it and wrong is wrong even if everyone around you is doing it”

Know very well and understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and keep your integrity intact as you please God also


Most people are fond of judging others especially when they think they’re in the right and the others are not

I heard a story of a crab and a wave who were best of friends, on a particular day the wave washed out the crab’s beautiful footprint in the sand. The crab became sad and accused the wave only to find out that the wave did it to protect the crab from a hunter who had been trailing the crab.

Sometimes when we allow our emotions to precede our reason, we end up getting ourselves and others hurt

Because we don’t take the time to hear out their side of the story

It mayn’t be easy to give people a chance to explain themselves but it’s actually worth it

It saves relationships, jobs, families and a host of other things

So make it a point to always provide people with an opportunity to explain themselves

The last lesson I want to share is this, appreciate those who sacrifice for you

Most of us think we don’t need to appreciate our family or friends’ sacrifices for us

Our family and friends constantly put a lot of things on the line just for us; their lives, jobs, friendships etc.

But we perceive it as they fulfilling their responsibility so we tend not to be appreciative

Indeed it may be their responsibility but they could have chosen to shirk it right?

Yet they didn’t, so why don’t you appreciate them for that sacrifice

Actually a lot of people shirk their responsibility thus it’d be easy for friends/family or people you come into contact with to also do so

Henceforth make it a point to appreciate daddy for buying fuel into the car to drop you at school or the terminal to get a bus

Appreciate mummy who made it a point to get you that new shirt in spite of her other commitments and debts

Be grateful for that friend who constantly calls and texts just to check up on you despite how annoying you can get

Say a big thank you to God who has never given up on you and has made provision for you to receive His free gift of eternal life

These are a few of the lessons I gathered from my father and they have the ability to cause a change in your life if you let them.

I can only share these lessons with you but the decision to let it effect a change lies with you

For your own sake I earnestly hope you decide to let these change you

Once again thank you for going with me on the journey of exploring the wisdom of a father. I hope you enjoyed reading. Don’t forget to like, share and leave a comment of what you also learnt.

Thank you!!

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