It was a blessed day with a clear weather

The wind caressed my hair, what a fine weather

I had heard about Him

I had even worked for Him

But today was different

I was actually meeting Him anew

My mind went back to how I’d been living all this while

My delight was in His service

I enjoyed using my talents for His glory

The secret lifestyle still held nevertheless

The many sexual sins you could think about

The stubbornness you couldn’t fathom

The puffing up brought by knowledge, beauty and smartness

This was my life


Yet that day something different happened

An occurrence I wasn’t indifferent to

Do I really love Jesus or maybe I just happen to know about Him

Of course, I grew up in a good Christian home

I was even leader of the children’s service team

Even gone out to talk to people about His love

But did I really know this man

Better still have I recognized His love and accepted it?

All these ran through my mind that day


Right then I knew

This was the time

This opportunity was mine

I looked at the preacher

I glanced around at all the young faces

Would I be bold enough to receive this love?

Ready to let go of all the sin that brought me pleasure??

There and then, I just knew

Deep on the inside of me, that Jesus brought joy without measure

Knew that my leisure needed a redirection


I made the decision then ,though probably without precision

Doubtless I was calm and collected

I had met my savior and we had connected

Honestly handed over the keys of my life over to Him

As I received His kiss of love, His stamp

Love broke out of my heart

Smiles decorated my face, glad for the change

Knowing I had made good the chance

To accept fully Jesus and be entirely accepted by Him


This was the day I met Jesus, a solemn moment that always brings tears to my eyes

How a beautiful, smart, intelligent church going sinner could receive LOVE that knew no bounds

LOVE that rose above all sin’s many mounds

The day I met Jesus, my life hit the “I’M HOME” button, I didn’t need any “UNDO” button

For that day was my true ‘born-day’


If you’re still out there

Beautiful, handsome, intelligent, smart etc.

All these qualities don’t count without Jesus

Others mayn’t know of your hidden personal struggles

Jesus knows and yet He loves you all the same

He calls you by your name

Would you let Him in?

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0 Comments on “WHEN I MET JESUS”

  1. Inspiring… God bless you.

    Hmm…when I first really met Him..
    He’s been knocking at my door for long.
    I was busily engaged in the occult
    Clocking successes and testimonies for the devil
    Very intelligent and highly competitive!

    Meanwhile deep down I felt really empty and knew I wanted God.
    I was afraid He’ll take away my academic pride if I allow Him an inch…
    I played a compromise… kept Jesus around me as a diplomatic visitor:
    Going among Christians, but never accepting their Christ.

    Jesus was patient and persistent at me…
    Until that night…
    Jesus became severe with me, but it was full of Real Love.
    The meeting was closing and we held hands to pray.
    Then the leader said: “exactly two people here need to declare publicly that they are for the Lord Jesus”.
    First person went forward… I couldn’t!
    Then suddenly, much of my fears left me!
    I stepped out and the leader said: “Praise God, it is done!”
    All my fears now left me and a deep sense of commitment to Jesus overwhelmed me…
    I accepted His Love for the first time!

    I found my purpose in Him and was no more in fear of failing in life…

    Hope mine too inspires someone…

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