Who wants to be rich ?


I recently just finished reading ” RICH DAD,POOR DAD” , a book by Robert Kiyosaki. I picked up a few lessons which I think are worth sharing.

Don’t work for money,let your money work for you.

Mind your own business even if you already have a well paying job. That is to say that own a business or engage in something that can bring you extra income.

Work to learn , not to earn.

Be eager to work at different places for the sole purpose of gathering experience that would help you in your life’s journey. Don’t be as much concerned about the salary/wage ,rather focus on what you can learn and the ultimate enrichment in your experience.

Invest money,time and any other resources available to you into developing your financial IQ. With all the money in the world,you still need financial intelligence else you stand the risk of losing all that wealth.

Invest a huge chunk of your money into building your asset column.

Asset = anything that puts money into your pocket.

Liability = anything that takes money from your pocket.

With a fully developed asset column,luxuries don’t become liabilities.

Pay yourself first !!!! .

Your focus shouldn’t be on paying bills,taxes etc. first.Learn to pay yourself first.Since when you do that and run out of money to pay your bills, your mind tends to run into action getting ideas and action plans to help you gain more income to avoid any problems with the government or your creditors. Let the fear of getting into trouble with them be turned into birth of positive ideas to increase or bring in more income.

These are just a few of the many things I learnt from the book. I believe I’ve whet your appetite enough to go get the book and discover for yourself the many lessons it offers. And even without the book I hope your thinking has been opened up to try those ideas you firmly shut away.

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