Why You Should Work in A Startup

I almost always cite my experiences working with startups anytime I want to convince someone about having a fun time working. There’s freedom to explore. The thrill of building something relevant and the pride that comes with it.

There are several reasons why most young people prefer to work in formal settings or big companies so to say. For some, it’s because of the various allowances and benefits.  Others go in for the structure. Yet others for the opportunity to feel safe.

As a young person, it would do you good to experience the uncertainties, thrills and victories of being in a small unit that is aspiring to achieve something great and worthwhile. Trust the process that it will leave you more refined and better suited for bigger visions. Stay with me as we navigate through 5 reasons why you should consider working for or at a startup.

1. Discover and learn new skills

The number one reason for working with startups is the opportunity to learn new skills. There are certain skills, attitudes and mindsets that you pick up when working with a startup. Top of it being a sense of responsibility. For most startups, there’s no predefined role structure or department structure, the success of the startup doesn’t only depend on your boss, but also you. Thus you see yourself being confronted with issues of how to sustain the startup, how to use available resources prudently and the like. You aren’t constricted to use only your technical skills for which you have received training, you learn new soft and technical skills and feel the joy of applying them to gain results.

If you haven’t spoken in public before, you’ll probably get the opportunity to. If you haven’t handled a petty cash book, performed administrative roles and recruit new staff, you’d get the opportunity to do some of these stuff in a startup. And at the end of the day, you have a much broader view of how useful you are and can be as an individual and as a professional.


2.  Test New Theories

A startup most often is like a science lab. It has various substances, some you’re familiar with, others you may have only heard of. But the exciting thing is that, you get to create. You get to unleash the creative juices in you and mold it into a concept that works. Startups allow you to pick from different places and mash them all together to create something useful.

You get to test your funny or otherwise weird ideas. Perhaps you believe staff recruitment should be fun and not the boring back and forth that it usually is. A startup is where  you get to try your fun theory out. You get to make mistakes, correct them and turn them into inventions where possible.

3. Be Part of A Building Process

Unless you are one who doesn’t enjoy building or making impact, a startup offers you an opportunity to be part of something great! When Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues started Facebook, they mayn’t have envisioned that Facebook would become so popular and provide jobs for so many people. I bet that most of those who were part of the starting story can now say, I was a part of the pioneers.

The point of your career is not to make it up a certain corporate ladder.  By trampling on people and focusing on making a name and money alone. A truly fulfilling career is one in which you can look back at your journey and be grateful for the impact you’ve made and the successes you’ve clocked. Working in a startup allows you to be part of something that is usually greater than you. Whether you’re in the startup as a founding member or staff, you are adding a certain value to a future generation that you should be grateful for.


4. Shape Your Career

In this part of the world, the factors that influence the choice of a career are mostly far fetched from interest, passion and impact. Most young people have their careers dictated by the course studied in school, the need in their family, or the choice of a parent. If you’re a victim of choosing careers due to any of these reasons, working at a startup allows you to develop a love for something which can then transform your initial career plan.

Graduating as a Computer Science major, it’s given that I should turn out a software engineer, network engineer, or IT Support Engineer.  Much as these are great choices, if you happen to be like me who prefers working with the humans than with the machines, you may enjoy these careers, but your joy may not be sustainable.
Working with startups has helped me match the things that come to me easily like writing, exchanging ideas and interacting with people to technology.  It’s also helped me start outlining a career that I would both enjoy and make much impact in. And it’d do same for you!


5. Have Fun and Feel Alive

As playful and unserious as this may sound, it plays a very important role in the lives of many people. A person constantly stressed out at work has a certain sour outlook about life and work in general.  One which if spread, won’t help upcoming young people give off their best.  I share my experience of how I enjoy work and it encourages my student friends.  And to me, that’s a spread of hope that can ensure that many young people don’t settle for jobs because of the salary tags and other benefits alone.

Working in a startup can usually be more stressful because you have to put in extra work. However, working at something you enjoy and are aware of its impact, keeps you going. The mere sensitivity to feeling light headed and happy at your work is an achievement that most people have never had the opportunity of experiencing in this lifetime.

I completely understand that things don’t always go as planned. And though you may ache to work at a startup to enjoy these benefits, your financial situation wouldn’t allow you. What I can say to that is, find ways to incorporate little projects into your mundane routine. Such that keep you invigorated and excited at life and work.  Because the moment you lose that happy go lucky feeling and attitude, you risk having an unfulfilled life.

The project doesn’t always need to be approved by your boss. It can be a way of adding a new method to the ones you always do your work with. Or a small project at home. Whatever the case maybe, don’t ever become too bogged down by life’s many challenges and hardships.


CTA – Call To Action

  1. In what 3 distinct ways can you incorporate this startup culture into your current work?
  2. Set 2 SMART goals for your career.  How can the startup culture help you achieve it?

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