Wilfully Married II


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“Hello, Ewura, how have you been? It’s been very long I heard from you, did I do something wrong?”

Oh, not at all big bro. I’ve just been tight you know, business et al. — Ewurasi responded.

How is my sister-in-law doing bro?

She’s very fine, she’s busy chasing the twins around, they seem to be playing some game of sorts I don’t even understand. How is Kay? I hope so far the trip has been worth it?”

He’s good, I spoke to him a couple of minutes ago. And he sure is making progress, he’s wowing all of them. After all, he’s my Kay, remember?? Ewura responded with a slight chuckle.

“That’s great to hear. So what’s been going on with you? How have things been, most importantly things between you and God lately?” –Andy asked.

The line suddenly went very silent, you could have mistaken it for the cemetery without the usual chirping of birds.

Ewura, are you still there??  He asked for about 3 times before hearing her sigh heavily at the other end of the phone. And he knew what that meant. But he decided not to press any further today. They’d definitely get round to speaking about it soon.

Don’t worry, everything would be fine okay? Just be aware that most of it depends on you, God’s arms are always open to His children, no matter how big they become. 

I know Andy, I know. Erhm if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go now, the gateman just entered with a visitor. Ewura quickly spoke into the phone. Give my love to Stacy and the kids ayt. Tell them auntie loves them plenty.

I sure will, her friend turned big brother responded. And you take care okay?

Sure, big bro. With that, she ended the call and threw the phone onto the sofa with abandon, not even thinking about it being the latest iPhone 7 plus.

She clearly felt the resignation in Andy’s voice when she asked to be excused. They’d been friends since her 3rd year in the university. Aside from her husband, he was the only person who knew her really well and could talk sense into her.

Sometimes she felt she should have married him rather, he usually got to her better than her husband. But marrying him wasn’t God’s will for her, he’d have probably become an idol who competed for her commitment and worship with God anyways.

Silly me, she muttered to herself as she hit her forehead. — Kay was surely trying and she needed to give him credit. She was no easy person to deal with. She had always been the stubborn child for as long as she could remember. Even when she was a daughter under control, how much more now that she was a helpmate? Paul did know what he was talking about when he emphasized that women should submit to their husbands. It definitely was no cheap feat.

Before she was aware, her mind had gone on one of her numerous guilt-ridden trips that usually ended in tears. Though no trail of real change or repentance accompanied it. What she needed was to really put effort into changing where there was the need to and developing the places that had some potential.

She was a successful career woman, she had sought her purpose and sought to explore the bulk of her potential. She had left no space for husband nor children. All she ever dreamed of was having tales to tell God about living her purpose on earth and fulfilling the most of her potential. She had ventured into almost everything and anything she felt even just a slight passion for.

A renowned best-selling author, a successful entrepreneur that concerned herself with providing opportunity and platforms for the development of young talents. Public speaker and advocate who had the repute of sending her audience home in a contemplative mood. Giving them enough to mull over and ensure their successes don’t hinder their progress. To top it all, she had a husband who loved her to the moon and back.

Kay was like God physically manifest to love her. No matter how many times she wounded him. He continued to stay and loved her more and more each day. How did she even get fortunate enough to get such a loving husband?

A husband she couldn’t even give kids yet because she had to make a certain mark before children could come in.  She rubbed her tummy subconsciously. In all these, she wondered where God was, she had known it was his will for her to marry. Yet, after the marriage, their relationship had halted.

It felt as though she married because He wanted her to. Now that it was sorted, purpose had been accomplished. Hence, she moved on with her life as who he had called her to be.  And from the look of things, it was with or without His approval. If God has called me to be someone, shouldn’t I stay in touch with him? She wondered. How come she couldn’t reconcile her current life with God and work hand in hand with Him on this project —the project Ewura?

A deep sense of longing filled her, she hadn’t felt like this since Kay traveled overseas a week ago on an assignment. She felt the need to cry, the need to vent to someone, whoever will listen. Just then, she heard a voice say “come boldly before the throne of grace that you may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need“.

But where have you been all this while, she screamed and run into the prayer room and lay sobbing on the floor. Then she heard “for I am with you, even to the end of time, I will never leave you nor forsake you“.

She couldn’t believe God was talking back to her, how could He?  After all, she’d done to relegate him to the background? She tried to pray but couldn’t bring herself to say any words. Looks like she’d ventured too far this time. Her own mind was blocking her from reaching out for help.

She had depended on herself and made it this far all by herself. Of course, she acknowledged God in her books and speeches. God definitely had to get His glory for working in her to will and to do? Why did she need to surrender again? That had been done already eh? No need beating myself about this, Ewura reasoned. Standing up from the floor, she wiped her dress and went to sit on the chair. Ready for some serious father-daughter conversation.

No sooner had she sat down than she heard a voice clearly like Kay’s say “trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path“.

Getting up to check if Kay was back, she could have sworn he was the one who spoke. The hall only stared back at her empty.  She came back to sit down.  Which of these two ways to go now? Totally surrender to God and depend entirely on Him?  Or believe surrender has already happened and move on?

The same God through Isaiah said “you shall hear a voice in your ear saying, this is the way, walk in it when you turn to the left or right”– Isaiah 30:21.

Ah, she even remembered where that scripture came from.  Whoop whoop, she and God were still cool. Love you, Jesus. Fist pumping the air and chuckling slightly, she walked to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat.

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