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Boss, any comments? Boss, boss, Elsie called out, oblivious to the fact that her boss was anywhere but the meeting room. Mrs. Ampong, any last comments or recommendations before we roll out this ad?

No Elsie, if any comes up I’ll let you know immediately. — Ewura answered.

Elsie was a little taken aback, cause her boss always had something to say about almost everything. Her attention to detail was what made all their ads and press content perfect. For her to say she had no comments was weird and probably indicative of something wrong.

But she had no right to pry, so she decided to let it go. Jael was in the meeting and she was sure she had also noticed Ewurasi’s absent-mindedness. Jael would surely find out what was up, so she let it go. Okay, if there are no more comments, we will end the meeting here and I’ll send all of us updates as to how everything fares.

The meeting dispersed without Ewurasi realizing it had closed. She was shaken from her reverie by the insistent tapping on her shoulder and the far away mention of her name. She lifted her head to find her best friend and business partner Jael looking down at her with a worried face. Immediately, she knew something was wrong.

Jael, your face… What’s going on? Did something happen at any of the branches? Is Jesse okay? Are the kids okay? – Ewurasi uttered in rapid succession

Young lady, relax, everything is fine with me. What is uncertain is if everything is alright with you. — Jael responded.

Oh me, I’m very fine, I was just deep in thought, Ewurasi muttered in a not too excited tone.

Exactly why I’m worried, you have always been about business first. Nothing has ever come between you and making decisions for the group. However, today, you were absentminded enough for all the employees to notice. You didn’t give your usual cheery motivational tip for the day. I had to cook up something to share with them, pretending as if we had swapped roles for today.

Girl, you gotta tell me what’s wrong with you. It looks already really bad without you even speaking a word. I wonder what it is. Jael spoke in her typical fast and hurried tone that always showed up when she was anxious. She waited as she watched her best friend of 8 years contemplate whether to share with her what was worrying her and had her so deep in thought.

J, I’m pregnant. Ewurasi stated matter of factly.

Woooow, J did a little dance. That’s great news Ewura. This calls for a celebration, does Kay know yet? Jael went on bubbly not noticing her friend’s unhappy face.

I haven’t told him yet J, I found out just 2 days ago. And I bought the strip yesterday after work and my fears were confirmed. I don’t know how long in I am.

But you don’t sound happy, this is definitely good news. Children are a gift from God, remember? And it’s about time you accepted that gift, don’t you think? -J asked half expecting a weird answer from her friend.

Jael, you know I can’t be pregnant now, it’s not part of the plan. I was supposed to finish setting up in all the regions demarcated both locally and globally before kids come in. You can attest to how the coming of your kids at the time they did interfered with your plans. No offense.

None taken dear, sure they shifted my plans, but having children has been one of the best things that ever happened to me, besides Jesse and yourself.  You’re a brave woman E, you can do this, just trust in God’s timing.

Jael, you know I work with plans and timing and you’re well aware that this definitely isn’t the time. Not now that everything is mapping up so well, the child could have waited, just a little longer. Why did God have to let this child come in now? I don’t want to be the kind of mother that chooses between her child and her career.

I’ve already done enough of that to their father, not the children too? Jael, how am I supposed to handle being a mother when I haven’t learned how to even give their father time? We have been really careful to make sure that the children come in when we’re both ready. And I am so sure I am not ready.

How would I even ensure they don’t become screen junkies and appreciate the essence of life as living to explore your full potential?  

Ewura, calm down, one step at a time. This isn’t a competition, this is just about you and Kay taking it one day at a time with God. Allowing Him to lead you and direct you in raising a child after His own heart. Sometimes you worry about things that wouldn’t even cross a normal person’s mind. Everything’s gonna be alright, friend.

Let’s pray. — Jael held her best friend’s hands and committed her into God’s hands, asking for strength and peace for her to be able to weather this storm she was afraid of.  She then hugged her friend and patted her on the back as they both went their ways to start their work for the day. Time was already gone, there was no need to waste any more of it.

Ewura entered her office feeling peaceful and encouraged after the prayer. After a while, her mind traveled again. She still hadn’t decided whether she was ready to break the news to Kay or not. She knew she was neither happy nor sad.  Anxious could describe her current state better. She tried to focus on her work and found she couldn’t.

She couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was soon going to become a mom she wasn’t prepared to be. She felt it would be a good idea to call her mom, but she knew what she’ll tell her already. In her mind’s eye, she could imagine herself sitting down in between her mom’s laps on the floor whilst her mom played with her hair and they chatted. And how she would emphasize how necessary it is to tell Kay as soon as possible and begin the preparation to become a wife, mother and career woman. The emphasis being more on the wife than all other things.

Well, I am one to take on challenges and adapt to them. This is no different, I will rise up with it and deal with it. I’ll just tell Kay when I get home, then we see how to progress from there.”  With that temporarily settled in her mind, she set to work and found herself now at ease to work efficiently.

Her phone rang for the 4th time that morning, she picked up and answered. “Hello darling, I’m doing okay. Oh no, it didn’t come near our end. I’ll surely be careful, aye, love you too hun.” Apparently, there’d been a fire outbreak close to where her office was and Kay was calling to be sure she was fine.

How much could a mere mortal man love his wife? Sometimes, she felt it was too much. Then again, her mind went to this video she saw on Facebook earlier in the week. The woman complaining that her husband was too good to her. She laughed heartily and resolved to count her blessings.

Kay surely had to know about the pregnancy this evening, whether she was prepared or not, the timing couldn’t be better. Maybe the earlier she got over it, the better. She made a mental note to close early to prepare dinner for her husband. God knows it’s been long he ate any fresh food at all. The perks of marrying a career woman huh?

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