Wilfully Married VI



Ewura crept out of Kay’s arms, careful enough not to wake him. Last night had been lit. She had enjoyed every bit of the intimacy between them. Kay said it was his way of calming her nerves, and it sure did exactly that.

Smiling broadly and getting out of bed, she gave Kay a kiss on his sleepy forehead. She slipped her feet into her superman branded bedroom slippers and went down to the living room. On went the music set which boomed with her personal collection of soothing classical music.  The hallmark of her thinking and concentration periods.

Today was a big day in their lives. She and Kay were taking on a challenge and a chance. They had no idea how the whole challenge would turn out but they were hoping for the best. They were gonna be parents today. She hadn’t had time to really mop over the loss of her baby and the stress of the surgery she went through.

She had decided to forget about that ordeal and move on with her life. But she hadn’t considered that she was gonna be a mother so soon again. She knew she still wasn’t ready to be a mom, but her experience had taught her to depend on God and His provisions for His will.

He never gave you more than you could handle. She wanted to connect with God and receive strength from Him for the big step she and her sweetheart were gonna take today. She committed her fears and troubles to God and asked for wisdom to handle this new responsibility of being a mom. After praying, she decided to record the events of the past few weeks and how it had affected her in her diary.

Ewura’s diary:

Three weeks ago, my mother’s cousin Hamamat called me from the village. She was one of the aunties I knew but rarely interacted with. She called me with news that needed a lot of wisdom to be able to deal with. Her daughter, Kezia had been impregnated by one of her schoolmates.

She was scared of aborting and so kept the baby and had given birth the night before. But Kezia longed to continue her education, she had learned her lesson and Auntie Hamamat was hoping I could adopt my niece — Kezia’s baby.

She had been close to tears, and I was overwhelmed with emotions. My mind quickly switched into overdrive and came up with several questions. How did she know I would want to adopt a baby? How did she know to call me? I told her I would discuss it with my husband and call her back. I saved her number and immediately called Kay to inform him.

He was also shocked but asked that we discuss it when we got home. After a week of discussions and considerations and most importantly deliberations with God, we decided to adopt Kezia’s baby. After all, a young girl would have the opportunity to continue her education. The mother had called us just a day after her birth so she hadn’t been named yet.

She wanted us to be the ones that named her. Today, we get an addition of a baby to this house. I don’t know how the journey will go but I look forward to stepping up to the challenge. I and Kay have decided to name her Eden. Since I had lost my baby just a few weeks ago, the doctors said I could still breastfeed the baby, all I needed was some induced lactation to supplement the milk produced when I was pregnant.

I saw it as a good idea because the milk was still in my breast anyways.   We’ve seen pictures of the baby and she’s so adorable, but we are yet to see her physically. I want to be able to bring her up in the fear of God with Kay’s help and God’s permission. I look forward to helping her discover her purpose, finding her talents and using them to enhance her life and that of others. Eden will have the best of education and everything the blessing of God upon us has provided us with. She’ll be a girl who would stand up for what she believes in and seek to do things for the good of others and not her selfish gains.

So help me God.

Ewurasi sighed and lay back on the couch, placing the diary on her chest as her mind fantasized about being a mom and building a close connection with her daughter. She wanted to be a mother her daughter could relate to as a friend. Not having that opportunity when a girl. Her determination to ensure she built that relationship with her baby could not be fought.

Ewura had fallen asleep before she knew it. It wasn’t until she felt someone tickling her. A laughing Kay gave her a kiss on the lips and pulled her out of the couch, carrying her upstairs. They had to bath and get ready for their big day. They had both decided to pass by their favorite waakye spot to get some waakye to eat before heading to the village.

On their way to the village, they discussed their new roles and how they were gonna fully integrate the baby into their lives. They reminisced about times from their childhood and laughed all the way to the village to lighten the mood. They both knew they were tense, even though they had fully discussed and prepared for this.

The village was just about two hours from the capital city, so in no time, they had arrived in Sebease where the new addition to their family was. Ewura held Kay’s hand after he had parked under the tree on the compound that her auntie lived in.

“Kay, let’s say a word of prayer”, her voice was shaking and her eyes looked like she was in a faraway land.

“Ok, dear” Kay nodded and said a short prayer and squeezed his wife’s hands as they got down from the vehicle. They had already made the commitment and there was no turning back.

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