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 So an idea dropped and it is being developed, this is the first of its kind (an actual story, maybe series lol) being run on here. We are all in this together, so let your comments, expectations, criticisms, predictions etc.  flow. Get in touch on Facebook at Mimi’s Passion. Let’s keep the conversation going. Invite your friends to like the page as well and let’s do this. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing it (though I was anxious most of the time, lol). Here we go…..

Hi, I’m Kay Ampong”.

Kay stood up to introduce himself to the pretty lady who had just walked onto the porch where he was sitting.

I’m Ewurasi, Josh’s sister. Nice to meet you.

Same here, Kay responded as he watched her hurry away toward the rooms.

Ewurasi leaned behind the door with her hand on her chest, allowing her breathing to rise and fall slowly. Her heart was beating rapidly, not out of fear but excitement mixed with a little confusion. This was a guy she had never met before but her heart seemed to have recognized him, which is very strange.

She remembered Josh mentioning he had a friend pursuing his master’s in the US who had got back to town recently, after being away for a year and a half. This feeling was new to Ewurasi, she had never felt this literally attracted to a guy before.

Heck, she didn’t even have the luxury of time to be thinking of getting attracted to any guy, but this Kay guy had a certain effect on her. This was the first time her heart had made a decision without her consent. Well, aside the time she accepted Christ as Lord and personal savior. She had a gut feeling that something she had never experienced before was brewing and she couldn’t wait to find out what it was and how far it was gonna spread.

Kay had heard about Ewurasi, Josh had mentioned before that he had an overly ambitious sister who rarely felt any emotion at all. But the Ewurasi he had just met was all warm and friendly and sure looked like a pretty and humble girl who had nothing to do with crazy and over the top ambitions.

He looked forward to becoming friends with her. He felt a weird but interesting connection in the short moment they had interacted. Well, Josh knew his sister better than he did, he finally concluded. With that, he resumed catching up on Facebook as he was doing before Ewurasi came.

They had been friends for close to two years now, they hang out over the weekends and attended shows and programs together. Their favorite being Uncle Ebo’s shows. They never missed any show of his. Just last three weeks, they had gone to watch Women on Fire. She had literally teared up from laughing so much, and he had to admit to himself how cute she looked when she laughed so hard.

He was glad she could actually let down her guard to laugh around him.  Kay felt it was time to let Ewura know how he felt about her. He had seen positive signals from her and hoped he was seeing right, knowing how difficult it was to read her. So after they left the TeaBar where they had gone for a night of acoustic worship and spoken word, he decided to let her in on what he’d been thinking of over the past few weeks. He drove to KFC and ordered some chicken and chips with two 0.5L Cokes as was their tradition at KFC.

“Ewura, we’ve been friends for about two years now and I think I’ve come to understand as well as love your complex nature and every second spent with you has been fun and full of lessons at the same time. You’re a bundle of wisdom and passion that affects every person in your line of sight positively and I’m a personal testimony. I would like us to remain best friends for life, take this a notch further. Will you marry me?”

He paused and looked into her beautiful hazel eyes, watching intently to detect any signs of his answer.

The attendant chose that very moment to bring their order. He thanked the attendant and turned his attention to Ewura.

Let’s eat first”, she whispered nonchalantly.

He knew better than to press her, so they ate and she shared some funny stories she had heard over the past week and they both laughed and enjoyed their food.

After they were done, with a solemn look on her face, “Kay, give me a few days to process this. ”

Of course, he replied.

If he knew her well, she surely needed time to process his request, to consider how it’ll affect her dreams and career path. She was passionate about those things. Even though he didn’t know what to expect, he hoped that since she had let down her defenses to allow him to get close, she would consider it okay to become his partner in crime for life. He couldn’t wait to be the husband of such a witty, good-natured and humor loving young lady. He smiled and got up to pull her chair so she could get up, as was his custom.



Am I ready to get married?

Ewurasi asked herself as she slumped onto her bed. Kay had just dropped her off a few minutes ago. She had been tossing and turning his request in her head for the past 20 minutes, pacing her room as she did so. She hadn’t even undressed.

I knew this would come, but I thought I’d be ready when it came. I like Kay a lot, enough to want to settle down with him. He has all the qualities I lack, he actually completes me and makes me feel appreciated for who I am. Sweet as he is, doesn’t envy my drive and ambitions, neither is he insecure because I’m so smart and popular with people. Not much the outgoing type, but he learned to adjust and enjoy all the things I do. But I’m not sure if I want to do this marriage thing. What if I’m too selfish? He has learned to like and enjoy the things I like and enjoy. But I have been unable to do same for him. And children will also come in soon and that might affect my goals.

God!!!, where are you? What we’ve been discussing has really happened, what do I do now? She asked God with her hands clasped in front of her. She trusted God but she also loved to know what the outcome of every decision will be. Her heart knew the answer but her mind fought it. If she would get married at all, she’d have to will herself to do that. And she was aware that was no easy decision to make, for a hard nut like her.

She turned to her side and whispered goodnight to God and drifted off to sleep with this one question in her mind, what will it be?

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  1. Oh no!!! This has to be a series!! 😰It can’t just end like that! I have so many questions! This is sooo good, I wish Kay all the best. Mimi, you have to get her to say yes❤

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