How much does it cost?
What does it take?
What sacrifices must I make?
Who must I please?
Would everyone like me?
Am I important to him?
How much would I be sold?



Everyone wants to be loved, to know they’re cherished: whether they get this love forcefully or willingly, lose something precious or not. It doesn’t matter if that’s the last thing they do, all they want is to be worth someone’s love, time and sacrifice.

People seek worth in the strangest of places, some find theirs in riches, others in friends and family, others also in employees, subordinates or colleagues at work. Everyone longs to know and be assured that someone would risk their life for them or at most die for them, to prove that they’re worth it. People play deadly pranks on friends and loved ones, just to ascertain how much they mean to those they cherish. Personally, I’ve harbored some really crazy ideas(which I didn’t carry out, lol), in  a bid to find out how much those who claim to love me, actually do and to what lengths they’d go for me. I guess sometimes we all just wanna be sure that people really mean all they profess to us.



Truthfully, we may look far and nigh, in this search for worth, but we’ll never discover our true worth, if we don’t look to the cross of Calvary; look at the sacrifice of life, authority and kingdom for miserable citizens like us. Your true worth is embedded in Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and its aftermath. God turned man to give His life for you, so you can be called Jedidiah(beloved of God), and inherit the riches of His glory.


For me, this is my greatest sense of worth: anytime I feel run down by men, disappointed by friends or family, I just readjust my crown on my head, reminding myself, whose princess I am and what it took to get me to be that princess I am. 
Look no further than to Jesus to discover your true worth. I have some favorite songs that remind me of this truth, check them out here….

Gold by Britt Nicole 
Worth by Anthony Brown and Group Therapy

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  1. Amazing post you have here. Very true… our worth and Identity cannot be found in anything or anyone else other than Christ… it hard to see our worth atimes when we have so much hate going on in us and around us. But until we surrender all at the feet of Jesus, then only can we find and reclaim our identity…. even better this time because no one, no word can steal it away from us

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